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Get Ready for the Holidays: 5 Things Your Business Can Do Now with a Little Help from Your Kansas City Printing Company

Even though fall and Halloween décor is in the spotlight now, the holiday season is just weeks away. Planning well in advance is the best way to kick off a smooth and successful holiday for your business. By thinking through the details and ordering your company’s holiday gifts and essentials now, you’ll be ready to drive sales, make your customers, prospects and staff feel appreciated and end the year with a sense of accomplishment (not to mention doing so without any last-minute stress).

If you haven’t already started preparing for your business holiday season, here are five places to start. As always, AlphaGraphics Kansas City’s staff is here to help talk through ideas, brainstorm gifts and seasonal print and marketing materials and make sure you have everything you need when you need it this holiday season.

1. Order Your Holiday Staple Early: Branded Corporate Gifts

Choosing just the right holiday gift for your clients is tricky. Personalized, branded gifts are a great way to show your appreciation for your top customers or clients. Specifically, investing in premium gifts is a guaranteed way for yours to stand out among the others your customers will receive. Every time your client wears a piece of high-end branded apparel or uses a gifted tech or cookware item, your logo (and company) will be in the line of sight. Our large variety of available promotional gifts means that you can choose items to fit your budget.

Whatever type of gift you decide to give, now’s the time to start shopping and ordering. We recommend ordering your holiday promotional gifts and items early, so your customers don't miss out on gifts and your company doesn’t miss out on time-sensitive brand awareness opportunities.

2. Don’t Forget to Show Staff Appreciation with Branded Employee Gifts

The holidays are a perfect time to appreciate your hard-working team. Consider gifts that can be personalized, like embroidered apparel or customized everyday items. A thoughtful gift can go a long way in boosting morale and fostering company loyalty.

Many of the same promotional products and gifts you use to show appreciation to top clients are also perfect for your team members, though we don’t recommend gifting the same gift to clients and employees. You might even choose additional customizations on these items, embroidering their names into apparel or personalizing things like coffee and tea sets. 

One of our Kansas City printing company’s most popular option is an agBox full of branded gifts. This gift box filled with customized items will help build pride in your workplace and show your employees how much you value them.

3. Personalize Your Company’s Season’s Greetings

Sending out holiday cards is a time-honored tradition that adds a personal touch to business relationships. Collaborating with a local Kansas City printer, such as AlphaGraphics Kansas City, allows you to create unique cards that resonate. Adding touches like embossing or a handwritten note can elevate your greetings, making them memorable.

You can even get creative with die cutting, foil stamping, and folding to create a standout card. Including a handwritten note or team photo adds a personal touch, especially if your company performs a lot of remote work.

For optimal delivery, we recommend sending your holiday cards before December 12th.

4. Prepare for Holiday Promotions

The holiday season can significantly impact yearly revenues. Planning your promotions well in advance is essential. While digital marketing is vital, don't underestimate the power of tangible promotional materials. Engaging signage, flyers and postcards, especially those produced locally, can catch the eye and draw customers in.

Prepare for these promotions well in advance with marketing materials. It’s smart to use a combination of digital materials, like email and social media ads, as well as print materials, like postcards, mailers and flyers.

Eye-catching signage for both inside and outside your storefront will capture the attention of foot traffic and help you attract spontaneous shoppers.

5. Set the Mood with a Holiday Refresh

Holiday ambience can greatly enhance a customer's shopping experience. Move beyond the usual and incorporate creative signage that aligns with your brand. A festive environment is inviting, and it sets the stage for a memorable customer experience.

Go beyond faux snow and wreaths this year with creative signage that can transform your entire business into a winter wonderland. Choose wall, window, and floor graphics or pull-up banners to add splashes of holiday cheer to every surface. Think about how you can add a holiday twist to your existing branding for a unique and festive temporary look.

Think of AlphaGraphics Kansas City as Your Holiday Corporate Branding Elves

Working with a local partner like AlphaGraphics takes some of the hectic work out of a typically busy holiday season. Our staff of “elves” can handle the design and production of your print collateral, signage and marketing materials, and can help you create a comprehensive strategy for making the most of the holiday season and all of its brand-loyalty-building, revenue-driving potential.

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