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Vehicle Graphics

  As my internship here at AlphaGraphics goes on there is no shortage of new and interesting experiences. Most recently, I got the opportunity to help apply vehicle graphics to a truck for a client. The process is quite interesting, it takes a lot of concentration and measuring in order to apply the decals straight and centered on the vehicle. Attention to detail is imperative so that the application goes smoothly. As I describe the meticulous nature of this process it is natural to think: "what help would the inexperienced intern be during such a delicate installation?". The answer is, not much. Mostly just cleaning the surface of the truck and holding the tape while Antonio, our graphic designer and jack of all trades, did all the detail work. Being an extra set of hands gave me time to really observe the concentration in Antonio's eyes as he shifted the decals before placing them. A sixteenth of an inch up, quarter inch left. Constantly checking and double checking each side to ensure that the placement was absolutely flawless. As we worked, Antonio explained what he was doing and why he was doing it, he explained that the decal was made of a material that was breathable, which made for easy application with limited air bubbles which can sometimes pop up with normal vinyl. Additionally, the material was reflective, which would make the logos pop out like lights in the night as cars drove past. He went on to tell me that the normal process would be to print an outline of the logo in the reflective material, and then apply the logo with normal vinyl, however, this material was special in that it was printable. You could print the logo directly onto the reflective material and the entire logo would be reflective, not just the outline. Who knew how interesting the seemingly mundane graphics we drive past on a daily basis could be.The whole process didn't take very long at all, about an hour, and the client couldn't have been happier. When you think "print" you don't always think about vehicle decals. But someone has to profile cut and apply them. As a marketing tool it is incredibly effective. The cost is low and it is a moving advertisement that can be seem by hundreds of potential clients in a day. A part of my job while working here is driving the company truck to make deliveries. I am out on the road for several hours sometimes which opens the vehicle up to numerous costumers in a day from all over the local region. A vehicle decal or vehicle wrap is an incredibly effective way to gain exposure, and get noticed. This is was AlphaGraphics is all about, getting noticed and getting business, and branding your vehicle is a perfect way to do so.

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