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A Successful Multi Media Campaign and Customer Facing Event

In June, 2015 AlphaGraphics of Cary/No. Raleigh created a “Red Carpet Gala” Event focusing on our AG Signs division. Our goals were to: 1. Inform our customers about our new large format capability 2. Provide a customer-facing event displaying samples of our work and materials 3. Have 15 people in attendance at our “Gala” enjoying good food, good conversation and sharing of ideas [gallery] In an effort to reach our goals, we conducted a multi-¬media campaign and as a result, a total of 45 people attended our event! We had a 10.6% response rate! As the owner of AlphaGraphics Cary/No Raleigh and because I was a teacher for many years – I firmly believe different people learn and retain information by presenting information in a variety of ways. If you can’t reach them one way – you will hopefully grasp their attention using a different technique or strategy.

In an effort to reach our goals, we conducted a multi­media campaign over a period of 6 weeks by:

  • Scrubbing our customer database

  • Good design concept and message

  • Mailing out 424 “Save the Date” postcards,

  • Mailing out 424 invites & picture brochure in a printed envelope

  • Mailing out 424 reminder postcards (dimensional mailer) that were routed on our ShopBot CNC router

  • Sending out 3 different email blasts

  • Posted weekly on FaceBook and Google +

  • Originally ordering food for 30 people but increasing the amount to 50 people

See ideas/samples displayed that night here.

If interested, contact us today! 919-233-7710

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