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Is print dead? Can print really help me market my company? Can I get results if I send a printed piece?
In my previous life as a teacher for over 30 years, I learned that people grasp/absorb information and learn in a variety of ways. Some can read something and grasp the meaning – others need to touch/feel and do something with the information. If you want to send a message and have your customer or prospect act on that message – it is best to reach them a minimum of 6 – 7 times – recently I heard 20 times! And you need to use a variety of marketing strategies – in this digital world many of you are thinking Facebook, tweets, linked in, email messages – but what about PRINT? Printed pieces should be 2 -3 of the key strategies in a multi media campaign. But I am not talking about black ink on white smooth paper or even multi colors on smooth paper. With print technology of today, you can now create a “!WOW! What is that?!?” type of customer experience vs a “ho hum” response. Paper can be more impactful and memorable than digital. “Print offers the ability to deliver rich, vivid images along with tactile stimuli”. In today’s well equipped and updated print shop – you have options! Ask for them…demand them from your printer! Here are a few options: White toner Clear toner or UV coating Various types of paper: Smooth (synthetics, foils, magnetic, recycled, static cling, etc.) and textured papers (linens, felts, laid, etc.) Larger sized papers High quality color Variable data personalization Printing LARGE – on flexible and rigid substrates CNC routing Stickers in all shapes & vinyl cut letters Kitting for dimensional mailers Some Interesting Statistics from a Study in Forbes Magazine in an article written by Roger Dooley, Paper Beats Digital, According to Neuroscience. • Almost two times as many US adults react positively to receiving mail than negatively. • 55% look forward to getting their mail. • 67% feel that physical mail is more personal than electronic. • Direct mail outperforms all digital channels by nearly 700% in terms of response rates. • Direct mail's strong ROI of 15-17% is one of the highest reported and outranks those of most digital channels. • Direct mail's overall prospect response rates were 10 times that of email, which came in at just 0.1 percent. Develop a relationship with a printer who can listen and help you reach your goals effectively. We are often challenged by our customers and as a result have grown by assisting them to meet their needs. If you can imagine it – we can do it! Carol LeClair Owner, AlphaGraphics of Cary/North Raleigh

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