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Park n Go Airport Parking Great Case Study of Filling a Gap

If you have not yet heard of Park n Go you will; only if they can get past your city's and local airport's old-guard protectionism, which is trying to stop them from setting up shop. You see, they fill a big gap - wasted time and getting to and from the airport safely. Think about airport parking; unless you park in the daily and can walk to the airport, you have to use the parking that is a little farther and wait for a BIG bus to show up. The bus is big because there aren't enough and a huge crowd begins to gather at the bus stop. So twenty minutes of waiting go by before you get on the big bus and a 5 minute drive later you are at the airport. 25-30 minutes wasted. Park N Go is a valet-like parking model. Park n Go improved the model by cutting the waiting time and making it feel like you are getting a personal limo ride. You don't wait at a bus stop, they pick you up by your car. Smaller shuttles are everywhere,Eric Webb, marketing kaplooy picking up one or two or three drivers as they enter the parking lot. Even though the parking lot is a little farther from the airport I get to the airport in half the time of those poor souls still waiting for the big bus. Actually, the Park n Go parking, being a little farther is convenient for getting in and out of the airport area as there is little traffic to get to it or out when you return. Some other perks include a newspaper on the way to your flight and a bottle of water when you are leaving the Park n Go after your trip. To top it all, the cost is less than the parking provided by the airport! Park n Go identified the gaps and annoyances for travelers - wasted time, cost and convenience (oh, I forgot to mention that they drop you off by your car. For anyone who has ever arrived late at night and had to search for their car in a dreary parking lot while the big bus pulls away, you likely constantly looked over your shoulder waiting for the attack to come. By dropping you off, next to your car, you don't have to live through that). There are forces trying to stop Park n Go, just as Uber and Tesla Motors have faced those that don't want to innovate or change. Don't let others keep us in the dark ages of travel. Now, if we can only do something about airport security lines.

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