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There's 1 to 1 and I recently found "1 to 0" Marketing

I was recently speaking with a Consultant in the Technology business and he related that he had started a blog to drive local prospects and clients to him. He was going to do this by making his blog name have the State name in it. His ranking was at the top every time he plugged in the key phrase (a technology product) and his State name. I was amazed that it happened so quickly. I plugged the phrase he used into Google (I'm in another state) and it ranked in the top 5! Then I went to Google Keywords Key Finder Tool and put the phrase in and that's when I realized why his blog shot up the ranks - we were the only people using that search term. No one else in the past year had ever used that term! It's not hard to win when you are the only racer; and hence 1:0 marketing does exist.

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