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Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse Guide from CDC is Now Available

I came across the headline above while on the Internet and it intrigued me, as it did millions of other people who clicked on the headline. “What - the government actually believes that a zombie apocalypse will happen?!” No they don’t. As you read the guide you realize that if you were to prepare for a zombie apocalypse you would be prepared for anything, especially a natural disaster, which IS likely to happen to any of us. Great headline and marketing; zombies are all the rage on TV, videos and games and it’s a great way to take something mundane that people don’t want to think about and make them click thru. Here’s where I found the item: Your next question may be how I came about this article as I either had to use the keywords “Zombie,” “apocalypse,” or “survival;” all of which can be associated with a crazy perspective, but that’s another story.

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