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The Power of Repackaging

I was organizing my office and came across this Fortune Book that I saved back in 2014. The magazine is full of all of the articles over that year. Basically, they had used "snail mail" to sell their "All-New" Great idea! Using a less cluttered channel (snail mail) is a good way to drive people to an online channel. Repackaging content is a great way to keep you in front of the people you want to notice you. This magazine has been in my office for years and I reference it often enough and regularly. I've used the same technique to create new value for clients. When you repackage articles, plans, ideas, or even notes it becomes a history of what has been done. It creates a story and people love stories. You can also send it to clients and prospects who will likely value it for its ideas. Pinterest is great and you could do the same thing there by scanning them in, but then you lose control of who can see it and likely "staying" power because I have found things that go online tend to be forgotten. We've helped clients build booklets of notes, pictures, including adding hardcovers and perfect binding to drive the value of their thoughts. It can be a perfect gift or leave behind, especially if your audience values your work. And yet, you've had to do nothing. Just organize it, make some notes on why this is important to whomever my get it and package it up. If only all things could be this easy. Unfortunately, I rarely see this done. More opportunity for you to beat the competition and get noticed.

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