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Experience and Innovation Overcome Lack of Resources and Budget Every Time

Maybe you are in a startup, a solo-entrepreneur, or any company with a small budget for marketing or much of your budget goes to the basics of developing collateral and online media. These restrictions appear insurmountable and to many they are. This is where experience and innovation can make a difference. There are many successful marketing efforts that have limited resources. An example would be Blendtec.

This marketing campaign is centered around a food blender. The campaign created a video that shows that the blender blends everything. Some of their most popular videos show blending expensive electronics like an iPhone.

Why it went viral: It capitalized on user’s interest to watch quick and funny things on YouTube. It was shocking in 2006 and it still is today. It attracted 160 million views back when the campaign was first launched.

While the Internet has decentralized and made more cost-effective channels with which to reach your target audience, it's just as important, if not more important to think beyond channels and be creative, innovative and synthesize all the ideas into something new. I emphasize to my staff that customers need ideas. Everyone is doing the same thing, using the same channels and just tweaking what is already there. They do what was done last year. Knowing your clients, and their business opens doors to new ideas but you have to make that investment to allow your creativity and experience to synthesize new growth and new strategies. Your budget may be small but with the right marketing advisor you may find a client specific effort is more effective. You may find that social media is the most expensive free tool you use because it takes all your time. You may realize that one BIG event at the right conference is the talk of the industry for months. Always remember that experience and innovation will drive success but you have to seek it out.  

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