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Popeyes' Secret Shopper Program is Refreshing

Our client, #Confero, creates secret shopper programs and their most recent one for Popeyes was an important reminder that creating an engaging work environment is very important. The Popeyes Secret Shopper provided incentives for exhibiting specific behaviors and following their process. Most business owners target the end result such as making the sale or obtaining a specific goal, but research shows that recognizing the activities that result in goal achievement is actually a better way to obtain the result you want. Just like sales; we know sales doesn't just happen. You must make the calls, reach out and attend networking events. Perform the activities to get past the "no's" and you achieve the "yes." So as you develop an incentive program, reward and recognize both the activities and the results. Oh and get your materials printed by us. We make it all look good and easy to understand.

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