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AlphaGrahics Cary Car Wrap Matte Black

As I mentioned when I released the video of our Muscle Car Wrap, I wanted to show steps that led to the final product. In collaboration with WraptSure, we decided that we had to wrap the car in Matte Black vinyl first. Matte Black on its own is a very cool look. Making the Matte our canvas was critical to having the other images pop off the car as they do. Wraps are not easy by any means and you have to understand all the angles and curves of that vehicle and take the time to make the vinyl wrap align to those angles.   [gallery ids="177,178" type="slideshow" link="none"] As you can see in the featured image, the meticulous attention to the angles of the Challenger make the vinyl look like paint. The attention to detail to make sure the whole car is wrapped tightly to every curve. In the picture above you see how we even fed the vinyl into hidden areas such as behind the gas cap. The toughest challenge on this installation was the weather. It was cold. Very cold, and we had to use extra heaters in the garage to maintain a constant workable temperature. You need a constant 60 degrees Fahrenheit or the vinyl will have issues when being placed on the vehicle. The next discussion will be on the design itself. Designing a head-turning wrap is not just finding a cool image; although that helps. We try to pay attention to smart-design that follows the angles and curves of your vehicle. Stay tuned. If you want to see the full video of the install click here.

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