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"What It Could Be," A Simple Statement to Create Opportunity

On a regular basis we see opportunities to improve a marketing program, logo, or printed material. Sometimes we uncover problems for clients that have had a challenge but have not yet figured out why something will never print right no matter what printer they use. That's why "What it could be" is such a great line for us. It's both a statement of discovery and investigation. At AlphaGraphics Cary we strive to continuously help our clients improve, educate and create collaboration to create new ideas. We had a client that had a continuous issue with a solid blue business card. No printer could make it so the blue would not smudge against adjacent cards. When we first ran the job the same thing happened. My Center Manager has over 30 years experience in printing and he recognized what others did not. The reflexive blue ink needed much more time to cure. Additionally it would continue to smudge if cards were stacked in a wallet. We decided to test the theory. At our own expense we cured a sheet of cards for 5 days. Cut them down and then stacked them. The blue still smudged. Now that we knew what it was, we came up with some simple solutions. Lamination or clear coat were simple solutions. They clients went with "soft-touch" lamination so they ended up with even better looking cards. We use this simple statement, "what it could be" to make sure we're leveraging our most experienced and creative staff to discover and uncover  opportunities and solve problems.

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