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Relationship, Responsiveness, Readiness: Connecting with Today’s Consumers

That's the next topic presented by our June 20th Speaker Evan Carroll.
Today’s connected customers expect every company to understand their individual needs and be more responsive than ever. No industry is immune to the increasing curve of customer expectations and the imperative to keep up with the latest technology. This talk illuminates how technology will give you a competitive advantage by driving friction-less commerce, customer loyalty, and word of mouth.
  • Successfully navigate high-tech vs. high-touch decisions
  • Unlock increased loyalty with customer-focused technology
  • Leverage technology to build customer relationships and improve responsiveness
  • Find the “Win-Win-Win” to create technology interactions that are better for your team, your customers, and ultimately your bottom line
As someone that has experienced technology become absent of the human touch, I know this topic is becoming more relevant every day. Artificial Intelligence is creeping into our businesses with customer service apps, and more extensive decision trees. These great tools can drive productivity and margins but many companies see the dark side and loss of customers to automation. Don't miss the chance to learn from this author, marketer and global expert.

When: Thursday, June 20th

Time: 6:00 PM

Where: 301 Ashville Ave, Ste. 121, Cary NC (919.233.7710)

RSVP by June 18th by emailing with a subject line of "I'm in" (and provide the number of people)

About Evan

Evan helps companies innovate with the right blend of tech-driven and human-to-human interactions. The result is a win-win-win— that’s an experience that’s better for customers, employees, and the bottom line.

He has spoken at a wide range of events ranging from the trendsetting South by Southwest conference to a national forum at the Library of Congress.

As the author of two books, Evan has appeared in major news outlets including The New York Times, CBS Sunday Morning, NPR’s Fresh Air, The Atlantic, and Popular Science. His books provide a human-centric view of emerging issues in technology and business. Blue Goldfish is based on over 300 examples of how to develop customer relationships, improve responsiveness, and increase overall readiness to meet customer needs. Your Digital Afterlife, is the first book ever to address what happens to our digital lives when we pass away.

With a career spanning roles in user experience design, marketing, and product management, Evan has contributed to the success of leading agencies and technology companies, including IBM, Ketchum, and Channel Advisor.

He practices what he preaches through his firm Attended Events, which specializes in experience design and production. Recognizing his dedication to the field, the AMA named Evan its National Volunteer of the Year in 2017.

Evan holds MS and BS degrees in Information Science from UNC-Chapel Hill, where he now serves as an adjunct professor.

Come join AlphaGraphics Cary, network, see the shop where we get great work done, and enjoy a renowned speaker.

RSVP by emailing "" by Wednesday, 18th

Put in the Subject Line: "I'm in (+ # for how many)

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