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How a Kind Word Affirmed My Give-back Philosophy

As part of my "give-back" philosophy, I hold a speaker event at my office almost every month. We invite clients, prospects, friends, even strangers. There's food, drink, networking and then the speaker. The speakers are well known. They can garner speaking fees in the thousands, yet they have been gracious enough to donate their time and expertise. The speakers bring insight, ideas, and perspectives.  The attendees bring energy and can really get to know one another. At least that is my intent. A lot of work goes into promoting and organizing the event each month. Recently I've questioned whether the program is doing what I hoped it would. I always get something out of it, but maybe it's not. Maybe such events, and a small one like mine, isn't really doing much for anyone. Then I get this email.
Meeting you and Debra Mathias yesterday was a great shot-in-the-arm for my professional spirit.  As a matter of fact, feeling so inspired, I upgraded my LinkedIn subscription from the standard free version this morning, will sign up with Debra for some training hours we can schedule following the holidays.
In the meantime, I will also wait to hear from you concerning the services and programs I might have available from you and AlphaGraphics.
In short, your event last evening has given me real boost concerning what I might accomplish in the months ahead.
So, as I said, waiting to hear from you next.
And many thanks to Frances for her initiative in getting me involved with you and AlphaGraphics.
Made my day. And made me think about all the speakers. So a special thanks to all the speakers who've donated their time to making this little event better, and inspirational. Thank You!
  • Stan Phelps
  • Evan Carrol
  • Tom Triumph
  • Debra Mathias
  • Noam Gordon
  • Ricoh Color experts (they sent a whole team for our 5th color event for designers and agencies)
If you want to watch Debra Mathias in action, I did record our 40-minute session that prompted the nice words. [youtube] #debramathias #evancarrol #tomtriumph #stanphelps #Ricoh #ngmishu

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