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How to influence the buying behavior of unknown web visitors

When you look at your Google Analytics you see a large visitor group that never filled a form or asked for information. Most businesses c byan only try to upgrade their content in the hope of increasing engagement. And it's important to improve your content. [caption width="225" align="alignleft"]Web visitors, direct mailFind visitors near the top of the funnel[/caption] But now you can also perform an IP match and find the name and address of the visitors; with 90% accuracy! What would that be worth to your organization? Being able to connect with someone after they visited your site with more relevant information.Depending on the lifetime value of a customer, it might be cheap to pay 25 dollars per contact. And if you can automate the process of reaching out to them via mail, you are now reaching them via an uncluttered channel with relevant information. And your doing it before your competitors who are waiting for that potential customer to come back and engage.Many people may view this as intrusive, but it's no different than online retargeting. The one difference is you reach them with direct mail or phone, at a point in their product discovery when mail is at it's strongest.Research shows as people research a purchase, printed material is a better channel to use closer to the buying decision. It's known that visitors to a website come from both online and offline marketing efforts. IP match closes the loop by allowing businesses to be relevant and timely with the strongest media to the 90% of visitors still researching brand choices. This allows you to shape the buying cycle and influence the buyer before your competitors.

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