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Signage Orders increasing - Geo-fencing too

r_Social distancing signIn the RTP (of NC) the restaurants have been mandated to shut down in-service operations. Carry-out and delivery only. Local governments are ordering signs to place around town, in parks, etc. about "social distancing." Geo-fencing is another medium I've been promoting as it's fast, and effective at targeting a geographic audience and provides direct measurement of the movement of the audience in a geographic area.
A government could geo-fence parks and then make the surrounding neighborhoods conversion zones, allowing them to see how many people are in the parks and how many are going to or from a neighborhood or area. At the same time, they can deliver their message to that audience multiple times over 30 days or more.
It's very cost-effective at 01.6 cents per ad delivered.rsz_133097-geofencing-cover-ama-blog-ad
For restaurants, it's a very efficient way to stay in front of surrounding neighborhoods and offer coupons, menus, etc. They are able to track from which neighborhood the audience is coming from. Best of all, they too can stay in front of that audience for 30 days or more.
I'm a big advocate of multi-media in these situations and the combination of signs, along with geofencing is a powerful duo for governments and businesses that must now shut their doors.
Maybe Bars can offer "growlers" in a drive-up situation, restaurants can offer a weekly meal plans or changing menus, fitness centers can create outdoor exercise courses via geo-caching and signage they must take a photo of and post online. How about geo-fencing the grocery store as that's where most people are sure to go...get your message to them while they are out.
It's about getting multiple touches in a month to always stay top of mind, remind your clients and your customers you are there. Email is good but at less than 1% engagement rate don't rely just on it.
USPS is still going to deliver (and no, it's very unlikely you will contract the virus from mail according to the CDC).
If you want more information on geo-fencing just search on this blog-site for "geo-fencing" or call 919.233.7710 (or email and ask for more information.

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