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Raleigh forces full time face masks... baseball cap Faceshield much more comfortable, better protection.

Affordable. Made in Cary, NC. 15,000 sold!

You can have medical grade protection, breathe easier and be more comfortable wearing protection with our Faceshield. It is more expensive than a face mask but it will last a long time. And people can see your expressions.

Instead of looking like your in an emergency room, these custom fit baseball caps can let you express yourself with bling, and your smile shines through. Better still the shield snaps off for sterilization. The baseball cap can be sterilized by putting it in the oven at 160 degrees for 20 minutes.

The shield is made of polycarbonate PETG grade. Strong, excellent clarity and something that's easy to wear. Starting at just $15 for a complete set, you get something that will last year's instead of days.

We can even put company logos on hats, stickers and more to make your hat and shield make a statement.

Check them out at

Visor Faceshield better than masks. Get full protection and let your smile show again.

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