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Sign, signs, everywhere signs

I'm reminded of the song by "Signs, Signs Everywhere a Sign"every time I step out the door. The predominant "way-find" signs I see are done with masking tape and hand-printed or home printer printed directional signage. The problem is people try to put too much information out there all at once.

Think of instructing patrons in a manner that makes sense. Do they need to know about "touch-less payments" outside of the store? Do they need to know you have hand sanitizer and you want them to use after the order? People can only take in certain information at a time.

The biggest problem the client mentioned was that they could ONLY have two customers in the shop at a time. The Featured Image in this post shows what they had up when we initially arrived. There's a lot going on here. And it all has equal weight.

Masking tape was put down as a quick fix for distancing but they knew they needed something more befitting their brand.

So instead of putting everything on the front doors, I walked through the customer experience with the owner; explaining what I would recommend should go where to solve some of the problems she was facing:

  • More than two people (especially a group) would enter
  • People were getting too close
  • Even with the rope divider to show a path people came back through the entrance to exit.
  • They wanted people to know there was hand sanitizer and to use it
  • They had touchless payment as well

Some of the solutions were wording instructions differently. For example instead of "2 customers maximum in the shop" became "Only 2 people in Shop at a time. Changing a word or two made a difference in many instances.

We also pulled apart the messages so create more focus on each instruction and used all the surfaces to convey information.

Video of installation

This video shows a recent install which provided good direction and fit their brand and position in the market.


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