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Good article on COVID's Impact on QR Codes

It's interesting to see how some sleepy technologies are making their way back. The attached article discusses the impact of COVID on the use of QR codes ( But today's phones are much more sophisticated and don't require a QR code to be QR code ready per se. A more immersive technology for those looking to create a highly engaging experience with their audience is Augmented Reality.
Enhancing Engagement
Many of the systems today can recognize a photo or other design on a printed page to initiate everything from PowerPoint, to Animation. [caption id="attachment_370" align="alignleft" width="300"]QR code, Augmented Reality QR Codes are Making an Impact but there's a more engaging solution out there[/caption] Kind of a cross-over between the typical QR code and an APP, augmented reality layers additional information, images and activities the user can engage with while seeing the "real world" around them. While it can still initiate a video or animation, it is different than a QR code because of the way those images and animations or video appear to be embeded in the viewer's reality. It's more engaging, fun and truly integrates multimedia to print. When done right, AR creates "staying power" for that printed piece. People will hold onto it just to show their friends or colleagues. There's never been a better time to consider augmented reality with your print; to expand your message, create a treasure hunt within your literature that educates your customer, and have customers keep that collateral longer.

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