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Smart Design Creates an Emotional Memory

Many people don't think about design, especially good design. I believe because good design flows so well with our senses it has an emotional impact more than just a visual impact. Don't get me wrong; you can have both, but good design is often subtle. [caption id="attachment_155" align="alignleft" width="300"]great design, print This series is very fluid and smart design makes an impact immediately[/caption] For example, our client, Mann + Hummel, does a great job with design in their promotional vehicle series. They choose classic vehicles and create a composition that flows fabulously. Their headlines are great as well. #mannhummel latest vehicle is a classic BMW. The background fits like a driving glove around the car. The choice of the car, the color and then headline standout from the wall. You can see the same great design on the other pieces in the series. They smartly chose acrylic to be the medium to carry their message. Acrylics have a sophisticated, clean look. It also offers a sheen that improves the visual impact of the design. We've developed everything from fine art to simple logos. The one's that standout always have great design. Of course it doesn't end just with the design. Choosing the right medium and printing technique is just as important. Some pieces look better on canvas. Whether acrylic, canvas, vinyl or photopaper, each has it's own quality and ability to take the design to a new level. At #AlphagrahicsCary we try to take what you want - to the next level. With design, print, and brand experience at a client's disposal, we always seek to create greater impact for you.

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