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4 Ways to Boost Your Marketing Using Social Distancing Signage

Social Distancing In-Store Signage A year into the COVID-19 pandemic and we’re accustomed to seeing social distancing and safety signage everywhere.  It’s become so pervasive that it often doesn’t even register any more.  And when we do notice it, it may only be because, after a year of use, the signs themselves are looking a little worse for wear. Worn, outdated, and dirty signage isn’t appealing and it can be sending the wrong message about your business.  If you let your safety signage fall into disrepair, how seriously are you taking other public-safety protocols?  If your business signage is shabby, it’s a reflection of your brand. Now is the time to refresh and replace your COVID-19 signage.  It’s also time to review how this signage can be put to dual use – to communicate safety information and boost your marketing efforts. Consider these four ways to maximize your marketing with social distancing signage.

1. Align your signage with your branding

By now, everyone knows what your signs need to say.  They're in place as reminders and to encourage people to follow basic social distancing guidelines.  Incorporating elements of your brand identity – colors, fonts, shapes, logos, icons, company mascots, and other images – will make your signs unique and noticeable.

2. Advertise your products & services

Instead of simply telling people to stand 6’ apart, try including product messages and imagery into your signs.  Use floor graphics to introduce new products, to cross-sell products, or upsell your services. Remember, many customers see your floor graphics while waiting in line and have a little idle time.

3. Get creative

Social distancing signage doesn’t have to be standard issue, cookie cutter or generic.  In fact, the more creative you get with it, the more effective it is.  In addition to branding your signage, try pulling in seasonal flair (think snowflakes in winter and flip flops in summer).  Surprise people with signs that educate or entertain.

4. Generate leads

Safety signage can be interactive!  Consider adding QR codes to signage so customers can quickly scan to learn more about your products and services.  You can also direct people to your social media or website to claim a coupon or sign up for a newsletter.  You can even include information for downloading your app or link to your online ecommerce platform.  Using safety signage to generate leads can help you grow your business long after COVID-19 signage itself is no longer needed.

Find a strategy that works for your business

Whether you opt for fun signs, lead-generating signs, or something that cross-sells, your signage doesn't have to be boring.  The more creative you get, the more attention you'll grab, which keeps everyone safe and helps you build your brand. AlphaGraphics Franklin can help you develop a safety signage strategy that informs, educates, and entertains so you can get noticed and grow business.

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