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In the digital age, your customers are being bombarded with thousands of messages every day. What can you do to increase your reach, make a professional impression, and retain your most valuable customers?  At AlphaGraphics we are not just an every-day Print Shop.  AlphaGraphics strives to know how our products and services will fit into your overall marketing strategy.  This helps us consistently deliver quality, create effective brand awareness, and help you distinguish yourself against the competition. 


AlphaGraphics is most well known for our Printing Services.

Top 10 Reasons to Use A Printed Leave Behind

1. Impressive

When customers are making a big investment, they want to know that they are investing in something quality.

2. Showcase Your Work

Pictures really do say it all.  They do the selling for you. High Resolution Images of the work that you do can sell your products and services better than you can.

3. Personalize Your Service

With today's Variable Data, every print piece that your customers see can be personalized with their name printed on it.  Nothing gets customers to hold onto something like personalized information on high quality printed materials. 

4. Easy to Keep - Hard to Throw Away

The key is to make the printed piece so nice, that your customer will feel like they can't throw it away.

5. Presents an Image of Quality

The Quality of your brand will be communicated in the quality of the paper, the quality of the images, and the quality of your message in the Leave Behinds you use. 

6. It Brands Your Business, Creating a Conscious Awareness of Your Company Image

Your brand will be more easily recognized and remembered when you have a printed item that your customers can feel, touch, smell, see and keep with them.

7. It Can Improve Retention

You will change from being a service or product provider, to being " Their Personal Provider" when you have high quality leave behinds.

8. It improves Customer Experience

Customers are mostly satisfied when they are ready to make a big investment in your products or services; however, when you show your gratitude for their business with a high quality leave behind, you create an unforgettable impression that helps you secure high quality customers for life.

9. Facebook Page and Website

The fastest way for you to drive traffic to your facebook page and website is with high quality printed materials, that can communicate your message quickly and effectively. 

10. It's Old Fashioned

Many people show increased trust and confidence in a company that has experience and expertise.  Nothing says experience and expertise like high quality printed materials that are effective leave behinds. 


Our Marketing Services help Utah County Businesses distinguish themselves from the crowd with options like: Facebook Marketing Campaigns, E-mail Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and Search Engine Marketing. Whether it is Social Media, Online Marketing, or just a better digital copy of a design. AlphaGraphics online suite of services can help you make an unforgettable impression.

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