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AlphaGraphics offers custom print and marketing solutions that get noticed to get you business.

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AlphaGraphics Orem

1466 N. State St.
Orem, Utah 84057

Lynn Nelson | Owner

Lynn Nelson


I'm an entrepreneur at heart with a successful track record, so I understand how to analyze a problem and just how important every solution is to a business.

Lynn Nelson | Owner

Phil Davis


Being part of the explosive growth in Utah County is both challenging and a lot of fun. Everyday we get to work with amazing customers with big, audacious visions and helping our clients fulfill their business objectives is one of the most rewarding aspects of owning Alphagraphics in Utah County.


Orem AR/Production Manager Jodie

Mike Butler

Store Manager

Sales Team Member Davin

Davin Dixon

Sales & Marketing


This question made us stop and think…

We couldn’t just call ourselves printers, because we don’t just do print. We do design, marketing, promotional items, and more. We put everything into making sure our customers receive the quality they deserve at the speed they need. We strive to give our customers products that they are proud to have their brand on.

And that was when we realized.. We aren’t just printers. We are guardians of the brand.

As Guardians of the Brand we can help you design your logo. We can help you create your promotional ideas. We can help protect your brand by getting your projects done on time and at the quality you expect for your company. We can be the Guardians of your brand.

This means that you can keep being the superhero of your business, and we will be your sidekick. We will help you get anything done that your business needs. We know that you are a hero for all the work you do and, as the Guardians of your brand, we are on your side.