Building & Vehicle Signs Orem

First impressions are crucial to gaining new customers. That begs the question...what does your building or vehicle signage look like?

Create A Positive First Impression & Gain Awareness

Building signage is often overlooked, but the savvy business owner knows it can be the most powerful marketing tool you can have. Building signs loudly point customers to your location while also driving awareness of your brand to the local community.

Why Do You Need A Custom Building Sign?

Stand Out

Make sure potential customers spot your business and not your competitor’s

Brand Awareness

Announce to the community that you’re in the area and open for business

Easy To Locate

Provide a beacon directing your customers into your location

Gain New Customers

Let your community know your brand and what you do

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How to Create Custom Building Signs That Work

The team at AlphaGraphics in Orem helps bring your ideas to life as we work with you from concept to creation to develop the perfect sign for your business. We produce, print and ship any project straight to your door and offer full installation if needed. With more than 10 years of proven experience creating banners, posters, wall wraps, or large format signage, you can trust the experts at AlphaGraphics to help you get noticed and get business.

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Perfect for special events, street-level advertising or in-store displays, customized signs have been proven to not only significantly increase visits to your brick and mortar location, but also build brand awareness. With our design and marketing expertise, let’s customize a sign for your business that moves the needle and increases profit margins at AlphaGraphics in Orem.

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