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The Exploding World of Mobile Marketing

Smartphones are always on the cutting edge of technology, paving the way for how we communicate with each other on a daily basis. From these high-tech devices we’re able to do more than just make calls—we can surf the web, check email, send SMS messages and even play games. But can a smartphone also be an effective medium for marketing? Mobile marketing can be used by your company to reach your target audience, and is already being used heavily by some of the world's top organizations. Services like SMS subscriptions, mobile apps and location-based marketing have already proven effective and useful for reaching wide audiences. With four billion mobile phones in use today, advertising through mobile markets is like fishing with dynamite! The stats associated with mobile marketing are astounding. Nearly half of all local searches are performed on mobile devices, which means that by 2014, mobile surfing will surpass PC volumes. Studies show that over the past few years mobile users have become 25 percent more likely to respond to advertising on their mobile phones. This is big news if your company is, as it should be, looking to ride the technological wave into the future. All of this data is generated through activities like responses to SMS ads, app downloads and search queries from smartphone sources. From this, we can definitively see that mobile marketing has truly taken off. The future looks bright for this trend, and by getting involved now you can take advantage of the best that is yet to come. A virtually untapped yet highly exposed world of mobile marketing lies within mobile apps. Games and other applications often incorporate advertisement banners or loading screens that encourage users to try a product. By utilizing these types of ads, your brand can increase its exposure tenfold while leaving impressions on both new and existing customer bases. Two more up and coming trends are SMS coupons and QR Codes. Many of the largest companies are already implementing full campaigns based on these strategies alone. It’s comparable to direct mail, except it’s done through mobile media outlets. By giving a mobile user the means to redeem an incentive, it’s likely your business will receive a return on its investment. When it comes down to it, mobile marketing is still an infant in the world of advertising. And while it may offer the challenges of an underexplored medium, it is also yielding some outstanding results. One thing is certain—we’ll be seeing more and more of mobile marketing as time goes on, and now is the time for your business to get involved. With four billion mobile phones in use today, advertising through mobile markets is like fishing with dynamite! Sources: Mobile Marketer Internet Marketing Muscle

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