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Think Big – Signs, Banners and Posters

If you are thinking of making an impression you need to think “Big” – big signs, banners and posters that is. Studies continually show that in-store and out-of-store signs, banners and posters make a big impact on your customer’s buying process. A recent study on the effects of in-store posters shows that:
  • 76% of consumers have entered a store simply because of an interesting sign
  • 68% of consumers stated they bought a product/service because a sign caught their interest
  • 58% of consumers didn’t enter a store because of lack of signs
  • 42% of women will enter a store they’ve never visited based on signage
The study additionally showed that consumers believe small businesses should have on average at least two to three large signs or posters around its storefront and multiple sales signs within the store. Not only do signs play a big role in the storefront (reference), but they are pivotal in impacting a customer’s sales behavior within a store. Think of the amount of effort businesses spend on trying to get customers in the door. Once customers are in a store, a business’ in-store sign strategy is the final effort that affects the sales process and creates last opportunity sales. It’s clear that small businesses need to think big – big signs, banners and posters. Big Possibilities Printing technology has progressed to allow printers to produce signs, banners and posters out of many different materials from the simple vinyl, adhesive vinyl and canvas to the more advanced big checks, plastic, metal and even straight to wood. In a very real sense, anything is possible and the limit is really determined by how “big” you can think. Big Tips When thinking of creating a sign, banner or poster, first think about how the piece is going to be displayed and then create a sign strategy. Here are nine tips to think about when creating your signs and sign strategy: Location: Sign location is one of the most influential factors of sign effectiveness. Observe in-store customer flow patterns and develop signs that build and create an in-store selling experience. The size of the text depends upon the distance of where you want customers to see the sign. Simple: Keep the messaging as simple as possible – especially if the sign/banner is meant to be seen at a distance (no one wants to read a paragraph from 30 feet away). Color: Colors attract attention and enhance the message (or detract from the message). Be bold in your use of colors but be careful not to wash out the message. Imagery: Images can tell a story better than words. Find imagery that will help limit the amount of text you use, making the written message stand out even more clearly. Dimensional: Make the sign visible from multiple angles or get creative and make a dimensional sign that can change depending on where customers view it. QR Codes: If you integrate your signs with QR codes make sure the code is accessible (around eye-view) to customers. Customers won’t try to scan a QR code 10 feet above them. Tagline vs. Business Name: For out-of-store signs, the tagline may not be as important as your business name. About 70% of customers stated the business name is very important on a sign, whereas only 27% stated the tagline was very important on a sign (reference). Window Clings: Integrate your company logo and message in an easy and attractive way with window clings. Window clings allow you to add messaging directly to your store’s windows. Vehicle Wraps: Advertise your brand wherever you go with vehicle wraps. Keep the wraps simple and emphasize your company logo and information. AlphaGraphics marketing professionals have the expertise in both printing and sign/marketing strategy. We know how to think Big and can create creative ideas that will help make a "big" impression. Speak with an AlphaGraphics professional today about how we can help make your business “Bigger”.

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