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It used to be so easy ... Part 2

In our last blog post, we touched on websites and the need for constant change and updating to stay relevant to your followers and consumers. It used to be good enough to place an ad in yellowpages and/or build a simple website and the customers would flock to your doorstep. Those days are long gone and have been for quite some time.   We live in a competitive age that requires active change. This is the case for our websites and it most certainly is the case for social media plans.   Think about your favorite brand, it can be in any industry. Do you follow them on Facebook? Twitter? Instagram? How often do you check for new content on their social media site? If your favorite brand posts once a month, do you continue to check their site daily? Probably not. In fact, you probably stop following them. They’re irrelevant.   Now, consider the fact that your favorite brand is posting daily or 3-4 times a week. You are constantly visiting their social media site, right? You don’t want to miss relevant and valuable content and information. This is how social media works. In order to stay relevant and engage with your audience, you HAVE to be consistently engaged with them. Engagement doesn’t work if it’s few and far between.   Social media can be a wonderful communication tool that allows your brand to feel human and connect with the target audience on an individual level. If used correctly, it can do wonders for your brand and improve customer relations. On the other side, it can prove to be irrelevant and hurt your brand if not used wisely or consistently.   Social media is often a task that is passed or delegated on to the intern, temp or assistant. This is simply bad practice. Social media is part of your brand, your customer service and your voice. This isn’t something to take lightly and pass on as a minor job task nor is it something that is as easy as placing an annual ad in the yellowpages. Social media is an undertaking that needs to be budgeted and executed at a high level. There needs to be strategy, plans, research and analysis. Social media is a fundamental communication tool that needs to be carefully considered. Develop a social media plan and understand that it can serve your brand as a 24-7, 365-day representative of your company.   Your competition is using social media to build relationships and trust with your targeted customers. Are you?   Follow and engage with us at our social media sites by clicking the links below: AlphaGraphics Facebook AlphaGraphics Twitter AlphaGraphics LinkdIn AlphaGraphics Google+  

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