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Signs, Posters and Banners: the Large Format Print Trifecta

Large format printing has been a cornerstone of business since the inception of public advertising. The phrase “the bigger the better” tends to ring true when it comes to large format print advertising. Often size is a precursor to attention, meaning when something is big enough to see, it’s likely going to attract an audience. But size isn’t the only factor that makes large format printed products like signs, posters and banners effective. When crafted with the right application and audience in mind, this trifecta of advertising staples is enough to create commotion in your marketing campaign. What makes the three work so well together? And how can they fill different niches when deployed? Here are the roles they’re destined to play in any successful campaign: Signs What comes to mind when you think of a sign? Chances are, it’s the idyllic piece of advertising that defines the business associated with it—the big red Target Bullseye, the block letters and the mermaid on every Starbucks store cup, the apple outline that graces every Apple Store, etc. Signs are an essential piece of branding that help form the foundation of your business image. Whether you’re projecting a symbol, your company name, a brief message or some other hook, the purpose of a sign is simple: to make your business memorable. Your sign could very well be the first thing a customer sees, whether it’s displayed in huge channel letters across a building or it’s hanging in the window of your shop. Make it something they will remember and you’ll have a sign that does its job. Posters Posters are your attention-grabber, your “here’s what’s happening” message and your way to tell customers, clients and the general public what’s important for them to know. When people look at a poster, they’re expecting to learn something that entices them and they expect to be pleased with what they read. If they’re not enticed or excited, a poster is just another piece of clutter in their crowded field of vision. To this end, it’s best to make the most of your limited opportunity by creating a poster that has it all: an eye-catching approach, a worthwhile statement and a takeaway that will leave people thinking. Whether it’s “50% off of Sale Products!” or “Coming This Sunday: Your Favorite Band on a Local Stage,” a poster is going to be your most comprehensive weapon in the war of information communication, so use it wisely. Banners We like to picture banners as sprawling messages that are unrolled at trade shows or hung up in the event of a sale. And while these types of applications may be correct, it’s important to realize that the size of a banner isn’t the only thing that makes it different from signs and posters. Banners serve a vital role in expanding your marketing message and are best used when you’ve got something BIG to say! Calling attention to your company at a trade show, announcing the arrival of a new product in your store, celebrating a grand opening or something similar definitely merits a banner, and your efforts will be rewarded by the attention it’ll attract. People have trained their brains to look for the message a banner displays, so make sure they don’t have to work too hard to see what you’ve got to say! It’s plain to see that while each is a pure compliment of the others, signs, posters and banners individually serve a vital, distinguishable role in your ability to advertise to the masses. Whether it’s indoors or outdoors, targeted or open for any demographic to see, having large format print as a facet of your advertising is the first step towards a game-winning marketing approach that simply can’t be ignored!

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