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Getting Your Business Up to Speed with agOnline: Your Superior Web-to-Print Portal

Many businesses—especially small to medium-sized businesses—leverage the interconnectivity of different technologies to improve day-to-day operations. And while using smartphones to keep up with social media followers or collecting in-store signups for an email newsletter are great ways to keep your business’ marketing machine moving forward, there’s a simpler, more encompassing technology that needs to be taken into consideration: a customized Web-to-Print portal. AlphaGraphics has always worked hard to help bolster the successes of its local area business clients and now we’re taking it one step further with the advent of agOnline: our Web-to-Print portal solution. Through agOnline, we’re helping our clients leverage the convenience of digital technology to get the superior quality printed products they need for marketing, advertising and regular business operations. How does it work? agOnline is simple to understand and even simpler to use. Take a look at how we’re able to introduce a streamlined, simpler way to order printed materials into your business environment:
  • AlphaGraphics will build an online storefront for your business that will serve as your web-to-print portal. Your storefront website can be designed with your logos and colors so that it’s completely unique to your brand.
  • Your authorized employees are assigned secure login credentials to access your storefront, and we set up the account structure with your customized internal order approval and billing/payment processes. You’ll be able to control who’s ordering and how payment is made, creating accountability for your business.
  • AlphaGraphics will work with you to populate your storefront with all of the branded documents, marketing materials and miscellaneous printed product you need to keep your business running. From business cards, stationery and sales collateral, to forms, signage, displays, banners and even branded clothing and promotional items, if it can be printed, we can add it to your storefront!
Once your Web-to-Print portal is up and running, the printed materials you need are always a few clicks away. Whether you just need a way for your sales team to order the frequently-used materials they rely on or you’re looking for a way to streamline ordering amongst several store locations, an agOnline portal is the simplest, most effective solution! Why agOnline? Web-to-Print portals aren’t a new invention but if not done right they can be more of a hindrance than a help. That’s why AlphaGraphics has taken the time to perfect the process: to make sure your experience with agOnline is one that benefits your business to the fullest. agOnline is a high-value, all-in-one solution that supports both variable documents and static user-submitted documents. What this means is that no matter if you’re ordering the same thing month over month or you’re customizing materials for specific uses and purposes, agOnline will make it incredibly simple to get what you need. And don’t forget: AlphaGraphics has a powerful backbone of print production and workflow automation technologies that makes all this possible. At AlphaGraphics, the motto has always been “easy, fast, secure,” which is why so many of our clients have found success in our agOnline platform. To see for yourself how this technology can streamline your business’ workflow and improve productivity, contact your local AlphaGraphics center today and ask about setting up an agOnline Web-to-Print portal.

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