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We will be here a little longer, time to put a plan in place for your meetings.

So where are we now?

No one, at this point, really understands what the full impact of the COVID-19 might be on our present or future business climate. In talking with other business owners and financial planners, it seems everyone has a plan for the short-term but not much of a plan for an extended period of time. I have begun myself to start making some more extended plans. Our business is 99% business to business so when the business climate slows so does ours. We are an essential business and while we are allowed to stay open, we do so with significant impact to our business. We have made shift changes to allow us to be safe and stay open for those who do need us and we've also cut hours so that we can preserve as much cash to operate as possible. I am appreciative of our President and his staff for the assistance they have approved but those programs do not happen quickly and it really becomes a source of anxiety as business owners hope to be  one of the businesses which are able to secure financial assistance.  As we all  know, there also comes a time when we have to do a reality check. We've already seen businesses large and small that have said they are closed for good. Small business can only sustain a short period of closure of business loss. That being said, I urge you, like me, to be realistic but not give up. I am doing all that I can to try to get assistance but in the interim I am also making plans for what our business will look like. Our goal is to provide caring client service for those that need us now while seeking out those businesses who are thriving in this environment. I brainstorm with my team daily to create innovative ways to pivot our business to accommodate what is going on in our world now but also prepare for the changes that will happen as a result in the future. What changes will be permanent? One thing that we know, technology and virtual contact will be the wave of the future. It was used by many prior to COVID-19, but business will change as a result of this pandemic and some of it will change forever and not go back. Technology will definitely benefit as everyone will be investigating their capabilities, electronic storage, access to data and the gaps this pandemic identified for them.

So, that being said, let's get moving. I want to take you through an exercise that will help you investigate some creative ways to bring your sales culture into your meetings as well as set up engaging invitational meetings for clients and prospects. It will incorporate an investigation into the best software and screen time tools to some tactile items that will engage all the senses.

If you are interested in participating in this journey, please email me below at, subject Meeting in a Box.
Alphagraphics , 2159 Rocky Ridge Road, Suite 107

 Birmingham, Alabama 35216


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