Wall & Window Graphics

Wall and window graphics capture the attention of window shoppers by letting the brand liven up the building.

Make your storefront a conversation piece

Wall and window graphics bring in customers and reinforce brand identity to keep them coming back.

Every touchpoint is an opportunity to create a lasting impression for your brand, and that includes your retail and office space. Wall and window graphics can be used temporarily to promote a short-term sale or event or permanently to brand your windows and walls.

Think of the walls in your office building or retail building as advertising space. Cohesive window and wall graphics work together to present an eye-catching but professional image. It’s these details that not only bring in customers, but increase loyalty as the shopping experience is now more memorable.

Wall & window graphic options

  • Window clings: Easily removable, making them perfect for temporary promotions or seasonal decorations.
  • Window perf graphics: Graphics with tiny holes that allow one-way visibility so customers inside can see out, but pedestrians outside see the printed graphic.
  • Frosted window graphics: Subtle and sleek and semi-transparent. These can be permanent or temporary.
  • Window lettering: Display logos, business names, contact information, hours of operation, and other essential details to passersby.
  • Window shades: Digitally-printed, branded window shades providing marketing opportunities and practical function.
  • Imaged glass: Etched patterns, printed images, or laminations directly onto the glass surface.
  • Murals and wallpaper: Floor-to-ceiling custom imagery can create a strong visual and boost morale.
  • Indoor banners: Used for conferences, sporting events, graduations, or exhibitions to draw attention and create a cohesive themed environment.
  • Framed & fine art prints: High quality paper stocks and superb printing is ideal for professional photography and large-scaled artwork.
  • Interior dimensional graphics: Print and layer graphics with various materials to create a three-dimensional appearance.
  • Common uses for window and wall graphics

    While aesthetic appeal is an obvious benefit of wall and window graphics, they’re versatile in their uses. Here are some ways our customers use wall and window graphics:

    • Promote seasonal sales and new product launches.
    • Increase privacy.
    • Decorate the office.
    • Share important info.
    • Highlight partnerships.
    • Transform floors, vehicles, and even cement.

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