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What Does Great Branding Look Like?

Every brand creation is unique.

Executing and launching your brand is exciting! Your brand will demand its very own unique look and feel. Interview the  company who will partner with you to develop your entire product launch. Deciding how your product identifies with your customer is key. Marketing consultants can help you effectively communicate to your market and your clients. AlphaGraphics and Red Mountain Branding want to be the partners to help launch your new identity successfully! Our partnership provides a professional team that guarantees the best possible user experience for your brand.

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Assets are everything.

Create and prepare as many assets up front to prepare for a launch. What is an asset? It is any piece or part of the creative brand. Assets are all the files you need to run an effective marketing campaign. And you'll need someone who continues to create new assets. Some examples include:

  • Logos in various file formats
  • Banners for social media
  • Profile pictures
  • Videos / animation
  • Headshots
  • Lifestyle imagery
  • Business cards & traditional marketing collateral
There are MANY different things to consider including color spaces, image file types, web file types, print formats and more! We will review all of these with you to determine what is required and why.    

Be creative.

In addition to the brand package, you need to establish some clear cut marketing strategies for the launch of your brand. They need to stand out and draw attention to your brand. Whatever branding company you choose. . . choose one that cares enough to spend the time and resources to find the strategy that is best for you and your product, not just what everyone else is doing.
We can recommend two companies that can help you with this and a dashboard to manage it all.

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