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4 New Ways to Connect with Customers in 2022

A new year is on the horizon, and there’s no better time to think about getting a fresh start or exploring new ideas on behalf of your business. As technology evolves and customer expectations shift, it’s important for marketers to examine their strategies and evaluate if it’s time to make adjustments. If you’re looking for new ways to connect with your customers in the coming year, check out these ideas.

Augmented Reality and Interactive Print

Print is increasingly going beyond the page as new technologies offer potential for creative integration into traditional media. Augmented reality (AR) refers to the overlay of digital elements atop the real world — typically experienced via a smartphone screen. This technology offers the opportunity for a fun and engaging experience that adds another dimension to your branding. The pandemic brought QR codes roaring back into mainstream use as businesses scrambled for safer alternatives to high-touch print materials like menus. Now, businesses are exploring more unique ways to use QR codes and other forms of technology. A few ways brands might consider incorporating AR include: Allow customers to digitally “try on” products like clothing, glasses, and makeup. Bring advertisements to life with interactive digital elements that only appear with the use of a smartphone

Short-Form Video

Ever since TikTok took the world by storm, short-form video has been springing up everywhere. Even if you’re not on the platform yourself, you’ve likely noticed this DIY style of video creation, as well as popular TikTok trends, influencing content on other channels. All it takes is a creative vision and a little smartphone savviness to hop on this trend yourself. A fun, creatively edited video is an engaging way to tell your brand story or showcase your products and services. Plus, you’ll come across as authentic and relatable, unlike a highly produced commercial which is clearly recognizable as marketing. Have fun with it and your audience will respond.

Hyper-Local Marketing and Advertising

Consumers have grown weary of traditional marketing methods, and are likely to respond with cynicism to a one-size-fits-all, nationwide ad campaign. Instead, prospective shoppers are much more likely to conduct their own research before pulling the trigger on a purchase, ensuring that they can feel good about their decision. The process of researching a potential purchase typically includes time spent on Google, but also customers favor of localized information found on Google business pages. This data could include customer reviews, hours of operation, COVID-19 related requirements, and even details like whether the business is minority-owned. In addition to Google, consumers are turning to other locally-focused platforms for information, like Nextdoor and Facebook. Ensuring that your business appears on these platforms — particularly along with helpful and consistent information and positive reviews — is a great way to connect with customers while making them feel like they’ve found you on their own.

Content and Influencer Marketing

The best way to get consumer's attention is to meet them where they are and give them something that they consider valuable. That’s why content marketing in particular is skyrocketing in popularity. By creating content that is interesting or entertaining to your customers and relevant to your brand, you’ll capture their attention and garner positive interest. Along the same lines, influencer marketing allows you to build a positive association between your brand and an individual that your audience already likes. It’s an effective way to get your message in front of your target audience without it feeling forced. Modern influencer marketing comes across as genuine and compelling. It carries the same weight as a word-of-mouth recommendation from a trusted friend.

Evolving Your Marketing in 2022

Don’t be afraid to try out something new with your marketing in the new year. A partner like AlphaGraphics can consult with your brand and guide you in determining a path forward that incorporates the new marketing trends without losing sight of what your brand stands for. From print pieces that come to life digitally, to engaging brand content, your AlphaGraphics center can help you bridge the gap between traditional marketing and more modern approaches.

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