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Slow Down and Reset for a Boost in Productivity

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Slow Down and Reset for a Boost in Productivity
As always life is busy and messy, and sometimes you have take a step back and say no to something.

From training and meetings to answering calls, emails, and so much more, my days fill up fast. It's no surprise that organizing my office space is the last thing on my check list. More often than not, it gets skipped over. Well until it is a total mess and I look at it and say NOPE!

I can write all the check lists in the world and make sure everything is laid out perfectly in my calender, but let's face it, once your workspace is a wreck things just don't go well. Sometimes I feel like I am wasting my time when I clean up my office. It will get messy again... Or I could use that time to send 8 emails and 10 calls... But the truth is I need to do it. I feel more at peace once its done, and I am way more productive afterwards. So really its way better in the long run.

This might not be a problem for you, but maybe there is something else that you feel guilty putting time aside for even if it helps in the long run. Don't feel bad! It's ok!

Instead of running full force to accomplish as much as you can, taking time to slow down and prioritize a bit of house keeping isn't a waste of time. It might be just what you need to add a boost to your day and ramp up your productivity on down the road!

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