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What Can You Do With Acrylic?

Acrylic is a word that is heard in several industries and a term that is muddled by having multiple definitions with uses in everything from paints to fabrics, and to also being what is known as Plexiglass. Plexiglass acrylic is one of the most versatile materials that we offer at AlphaGraphics Hoover | Birmingham South. 

Create a Multi-layer Effect

Acrylic is a rigid material, has the appearance of glass with higher durability and can be used indoor or out. Acrylic delivers a sleek, professional looking product that can be multi layered with a back print, clear core, and vinyl overlay. See the photo below. This is a back printed piece with die cut, frosted vinyl on front. The result is an image that appears to be behind “glass” with a transparent capital M printed at 20%. This was a part of a four part install that spelled out BHAM. 

The second photo is a back printed block that was part of a sign for MLB at Rickwood Field. This block was beautiful as a stand alone, but also integrated seamlessly to create a multi-dimensional effect within the sign.

Create Stand Alone Projects: Ornaments, Bookmarks, and Awards

Acrylic is available in widths from 1/16 in to 1 in and can be cut to any shape as well as routed in partial depths. Partial depth routing and engraving cuts directly into the acrylic without the use of ink printing. One way to think of this would be like printing with blades. Routing is also used to cut mounting holes for hardware placement or to attach a ribbon to a bookmark or ornament. Below is an example of our Top 100 plaque which uses two pieces of acrylic. One that is back printed and cut to shape and the second is the black stand that has a groove routed out to insert the top portion. 

The next photo is a 1 inch block desktop name plate for our center owner, Cassie Burchell. Between just these two images, you can begin to see the versatility that acrylic offers for a number of solutions. 

Create Lighted Signs

Acrylic offers the perfect glow for illuminated signs. Lighting options add just another layer and level of diversity. Neon signage and nostalgic glow is trending. Create the perfect mood lighting with glowing colored acrylics. With printing that ranges from completely opaque to clear, using vinyl at different levels of transparency or incorporating other materials such as metal, coroplast or wood in your project, it’s easy to direct glow to just the right spot within a custom lighting acrylic sign.  

Create something as unique as your brand with acrylic and let AlphaGraphics Hoover | Birmingham South help. Contact us at, visit, or call 205.979.2373. And don’t forget to follow our socials on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.

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