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How to Leverage Promotional Items in Your Marketing

You heard the saying that "Everyone likes free stuff"? In our world where products are getting more accessible as technology advances, it may seem like promotional products could lose their appeal, but this is anything but the case. Promotional items are still an effective way to market your brand and create a memorable experience for your customers.

Promotional products go beyond business cards when connecting with customers in person. They can be a tangible way to add an extra touch to a meeting and provide a useful gift to the customer once the sales representative has left. Usage of promo items in marketing presents an angle that digital can not match. 

When choosing a promotional item to give away, consider how your target audience lives day-to-day. If the promo product that you leave behind can create a solution for the person who received it, there is a better chance that it will be kept for longer use. 

Reusable bags and pens are among the most popular promo items because they are both practical and relevant to many people’s lives. If your primary audience is niche, like men who participate in outdoor activities, then items such as sweat bands or water bottles would be an excellent choice. The world of promo items can be overwhelming, so it’s important to think about how your audience lives before deciding what you’d like to give away. 

Promotional items can have a ripple effect on your marketing. Repeated use of an item promotes your brand over and over again, and even if the item is passed on to someone else it still develops brand recognition in the next recipient. 

Per an article posted by Zipdo in 2023, 85% of people did business with a company after receiving a promotional item from them, 58% of respondents keep a promotional product from one year to more than four years, and 8 in 10 consumers choose to pass along a promotional product if they didn’t keep it for themselves. 

Using promotional items in your business is longevity marketing. When you leave a gift with a customer, it creates a positive association between that person to your brand and it says that your business values the investment that it takes to make a lasting impression. Leaving a promo item changed the tone of an interaction from one that can feel salesy and rehearsed to one that prioritizes building a relationship with the customer. 

Visit our website to inquire about the agBox. We have created agBoxes for several customers and these have proven to be wonderful marketing tools because the agBox can include several pieces of promotional swag in a custom gift box. They are the perfect way to show your client that you have put extra thought into considering the products that would be most useful and enjoyable for them to use. The agBox is a great option to design and market to specifically targeted individuals.

We also offer our Online Shopping Portal for bulk order promo products and is a great solution for companies that frequently participate in events and trade shows or for large companies that want to show employees appreciation. 

We can create custom promotional items through our location in Hoover, AL. You’re imagination is the limit when it comes to new ways to engage customers through promotional items. Let us partner with you to create the perfect solution for your next campaign. 

Contact us at, visit, or call 205.979.2373. And don’t forget to follow our socials on LinkedInFacebook, and Instagram.

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