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Window Graphics vs. Traditional Signage: The Differences Explained

While digital marketing is exploding in popularity, traditional print-based marketing is still a critical part of any business strategy. This is especially true at retail venues where signage can give people the push they need to buy your products.

Traditional signage is a tried-and-true option, but custom window graphics for retail spaces are an emerging option. Read on for a run-down of what sets them apart and why window graphics are the best choice for most businesses.

Traditional Signage vs Custom Window Graphics for Retail Spaces

When you think of business signs, traditional signage is likely the first thing that comes to mind. This broad category includes printed signs, banners, and cardboard stands that you erect to advertise your business.

Most of these signs will be on your retail shop's premises. They advertise best-selling products, sales, and promotions. Sometimes you'll put them outside the shop on the sidewalk while other times they'll go inside the shop on walls and display cases.

Window graphics serve a similar function. They showcase your goods, services, and promotions to those walking by your storefront. However, they make the most of your window space with brightly colored graphics that showcase eye-grabbing designs.

These decals aren't free-standing signs but instead stick directly to your windows. They can be much larger than street signs because they're never in anyone's way.

They also turn your storefront itself into a conversation piece since people will need to actively look at your shop to read the graphic. It won't just be on a little sign that they can walk past and ignore.

Window Graphics for Branding: A Versatile Solution

There are a wide variety of window graphics that you can choose from. Window clings are a common option that makes application easy. You stick them directly onto the window, peel them off, rearrange them, and replace them as you see fit.

Window perf graphics are another great option that lets people inside the store see out while those walking by will see the graphics. They're ideal for businesses that want to showcase products and promotions while still giving those inside a great browsing experience. These graphics also allow for privacy.

Frosted window graphics are another privacy-protection option. They have a frosted texture and can be applied to any window while looking semi-transparent. They're sleek and visually appealing, and their high-class aesthetic makes your business look instantly professional and reputable.

Window lettering can give details about your contact information and hours to those walking by at a glance. This makes it easy for people to figure out whether you're open, when they should come back, and what sorts of products you offer. You can also include essential details like your website URL or handles on social media.


Window graphics use less material than cardboard or plastic signs. This makes them a cost-effective option for businesses looking to save money. They're thin and stick easily on your window despite this low price, so you can access benefits both inexpensively and easily.

Another reason window graphics cost less is that they're easy to repurpose. If you want to change the layout of your signage, you can peel a decal off the window and stick it on another window. You can then replace it with a different, more timely cling in the initial location.

Window clings are also cost-effective because you don't need to pay for any permits to put them up. They're part of your storefront, so you don't need to purchase additional advertising space or get permission to put a sign on a public sidewalk.

Visual Appeal

Because they're made from a transparent or semi-transparent material, window graphics for retail spaces come in a wide range of bright colors.

You can use bright red, orange, and yellow signage to effectively enhance the visual appeal of your decals. But any color becomes brighter and more vibrant when on a window decal, which makes people think that your storefront is sleek and modern.

Window decals also are made with ink and vinyl that don't fade over time. While a cardboard sign will succumb to sun and water damage, a window decal won't. Weather won't ever decrease the visual engagement that your signage offers.

Attention-Grabbing Messages

This visual appeal increases because of the size of window graphics. When you choose traditional signage, you're limited when it comes to space.

It costs a lot of money to print a large graphic. Even if you can afford it, it will be challenging to find the space to put a massive billboard or poster up by your shop.

With window signage, though, big images and lettering are the default. It's easy to get something the same size as your large storefront windows. You can install it easily and show it off.

This means that people are going to see it loud and clear even from a distance. It's more likely to grab their attention so they stop and read it.

If your message is clear and engaging, you'll increase foot traffic by piquing the interest of passersby. They're also likely to take photos of signs that amuse them and post them online, boosting your visibility.

Interactive Options

Because of a window graphics' large size, there are a plethora of interactive wall graphic ideas to choose from. The bigger your signage, the more you can fit on it.

Creating an infographic-inspired chart is one unique idea. You can have a starting point and ask questions of those reading the decal.

As they answer the questions, have arrows leading them in multiple possible directions. Once they finish answering the questions and move through the choose-your-own-adventure style chart, they'll land on a product that you offer that's tailor-made for their needs.

You can also make things interactive with a QR code. Let people scan the sign and go to a website where they answer questions and interact online.

Get Window Graphics Design Inspiration Today

Now that you know why custom window graphics for retail spaces are a great choice, it's time to maximize your conversions with versatile designs. Our team is excited to hear your specific business needs and help make your storefront a unique and visually engaging conversation piece.

Contact Alpha Graphics to learn how you can make a lasting impression on customers and clients with quality in-person marketing.

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