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The Dos and Don'ts of Using Sidewalk Signs for Your Business

Out-of-home advertising is an extremely powerful tool a small business can use to drive traffic. Research has shown that more than 70% of consumers take note of outdoor advertising, such as A-frame signs for cafes.

Pavement signs can be a great way to spread the message about your establishment. It can catch consumers' attention and bring in more business.

However, to utilize outdoor advertising, like a sandwich board, to its maximum potential, you should follow a few guidelines. It may look as simple as drawing with chalk on a sidewalk sign, but it's a little more complex.

You should keep reading to learn more about sidewalk advertising for small businesses. This article covers the do's and don'ts and more.

Outdoor Advertising Regulations in Arizona

While studies show how effective outdoor advertising can be, some states have strict regulations about their use. Arizona is one such state, and to use outdoor advertising, you must apply for a permit first—for instance, an Arizona Outdoor Advertising Permit.

Arizona regulates four categories of signs: on-premise signs, for sale/lease signs, directional and official signs, and off-premise signs (aka billboards).

While the state may have some regulations about outdoor signage, each city may have rules relating to sidewalk signs like A-frame signs for cafes.

Let's take the city of Cottonwood as an example. To use an A-frame, or signicade sign, you must fill in and submit an application for a permit in that city. This application must include the following:

  • A site plan
  • An image of the sign

There is also an application fee that must be paid alongside the application. This city's regulations limit businesses to one A-frame per business location.

The Do’s and Don’ts for A-Frame Signs for Cafes

When utilizing A-frame signs for cafes, there are a few things you should be aware of and follow. Let's review some of the important ones below.

Consider the Message and Tone

If you're using a sandwich board to advertise your business, you want to consider the message and tone. Having "Coffee for sale" on the board is not enough. That message is going to grab little attention.

The best sidewalk advertising examples have a fun message that makes people smile when they read it or a call to action to engage customers with their business. For example, saying, "Wake yourself up this morning with a cup of the best-brewed coffee in town!"

Legible Handwriting

If you're searching for "pavement signs for sale near me" to advertise your business when it comes time to write on your signicade sign, ensure the handwriting is easy to read. If none of your staff have appropriate handwriting skills, consider hiring a professional to design.

Keep It Secure

When using a sandwich board on the sidewalk, ensure it's properly secured so it doesn't blow over in the wind. If this happens, it can be a hazard for nearby pedestrians, and your signage will be ineffective while it lies on the ground. It can also make your company appear as if they don't care about the business.

Additionally, when it's not in use, you must bring it inside when you close your store. This way, it doesn't get stolen.

Watch Your Placement

When using a sidewalk sign to advertise, consider the location you're placing it in. If your sandwich board is too large, it can obstruct the view of cars or motorbikes driving by. Some Arizona city regulations stipulate sidewalk signs may not obstruct traffic visibility or create pedestrian hazards.

When you place your A-frame outside your business, set it to the side of the walkway so pedestrians can pass by without obstruction. You also want to put it so that both sides of the A-frame can be seen.

Keep It Fresh

As a small business owner, you don't want to leave the same message on your sidewalk sandwich board. Having the same message for a long duration means customers that pass by regularly won't notice it anymore. When this happens, it makes your signboard ineffective.

Instead, keep it fresh by switching up the message every few days. You can try something serious one time and switch it up to something hilarious.

How to Design an Effective Outdoor Sign

So now you know how to use A-frame signs for cafes, we can look at the design. There are a few tips that you can follow to make your design the most effective it can be. Here are the top five.

Keep It Brief

One of the first rules when reviewing how to design an effective outdoor sign is to keep it brief. You're trying to catch passers-by's attention as they walk, so you want it to be short enough for them to read on the go. If you are battling to think of something witty, draw inspiration from curbside marketing ideas online.

Consider the Typography

A rookie mistake many people make when designing A-frame signs for cafes is to use too many fonts. If your sign is too busy, it will be difficult to read even if you're standing still. Stick to two or three fonts maximum. When choosing the fonts, ensure they can be easily read from a distance to maximize the effect.

Choose the Right Color

Not only do you want to consider the font, but you also need to consider the colors you use. Some colors may look great up close but become illegible when viewed from afar. Using colors that are difficult to read in the sunlight can also be problematic—for example, using yellow on a white A-frame sidewalk sign. The yellow text can be challenging to read with the glare when viewed in the sun.

Get Ahead Of Your Advertising With A-Frames

Advertising your business to gain new customers is essential for any company to survive. You can promote your business in several ways, but A-frame signs for cafes are one of the best outdoor advertising options. You can use this frame to draw attention to your business; however, you must check with your city's advertising rules before placing your sign outside.

If you're looking for a company to help you with A-frames for advertising, contact us today. Our sidewalk signage solutions include chalkboard A-frames, magnetic signage, delivery, and installation.

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