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A Step-By-Step Guide to Designing Effective Large Format Graphics

Printing Large Print Graphics

The oldest mechanical printing process (wood blocks) dates back to 932 in China. A lot has changed since then. It may not have been practical for carvers to make letters as huge as the ones we can print today.

Luckily, it's currently the 21st century. Massively sized fonts are possible. This allows your business to reap all the benefits of large-format prints.

However, you have to use the right large-format printing techniques to get the best effects. Read on to learn about some of these.

Large-Format Canvas Printing Tips

Designing effective large-format signage is trickier than you may think. You have to pick the right elements so that your signs, banners, etc. shine. Consider doing the following:

  • Hire a high-quality printing business
  • Choose a font that represents your business
  • Consider using contrasting colors for an extra pop
  • Make sure the image you choose is brand-appropriate
  • Check for any spelling mistakes before the final print

You may also want to learn a bit about the large-format art reproductions process. This can help you consider anything that might go wrong, things you can add, and so on.

Large-Format vs. Small-Format Printing

Sometimes, large-format printing isn't the best choice. You need to consider whether small-format printing may be a better option.

Business cards, flyers, and other smaller advertising formats can still be good options. This is especially true if your company has a lower budget.

How to Choose Large-Format Printing Media

What are the best materials for large-format prints? That all depends on the specific needs of your business and where you're putting your large-format prints. Try following these tips:

Analyze the Cost

Go through a large-format printing cost analysis to see what each material option costs. Then look at your company's budget. Try to find a material that meets your company's needs but isn't too expensive for it.

Know the Purpose

Are you using large-format printing for event marketing, interior decorating, or something else? You need to know this before you choose a large-format graphic material. Certain materials will not work as effectively in certain situations.

For example, if you want to use custom large-format printing services to make wallpaper, you shouldn't make it out of mesh. This could be a strong material, but it could look strange when used for wallpaper. Customers may not accept it.

Consider Sustainability

Do you promote your business as being environmentally friendly? If so, you may want to consider the environmental impact of large-format printing. If a large-format sign gets into the environment and can't easily decay, it can cause environmental damage.

Look up some sustainable practices in large-format printing before you start your printing project. This doesn't just involve using sustainable materials. You can also recycle your large-format signage when you're done with it.

Look at Trends

Are you out of ideas for your large-format canvas? If so, consider looking at some of the recent trends. Other businesses likely have good reasons for choosing the designs, materials, etc. that they do.

One of the large-format printing trends of 2023 is using an audience-specific custom large-format graphics design. Businesses are trying to speak effectively to their target audience. This includes using local terminology (pop, soda, etc.), contact information relevant to the audience, and so on.

Where to Use Large-Format Prints

Now, you should learn a bit about how to use the best large-format graphics.

Large-format prints are very versatile. You can use them in a wide variety of applications. However, large-format prints will work better in certain situations than others.

Here are some examples of the needs that large-format printing can fulfill.

Getting Attention

Large-format prints capture people's eyes well. This can be very effective in spaces where you need to draw attention away from your competition.

For example, you may want to use large-format prints for trade shows. There will be a huge number of competitors at these events. All of them will be vying for the attention of potential customers.

Large graphics can draw customers' eyes to you and no one else. This will lead to more potential customers walking up to your booth.

Seen From Far Away

Outdoor advertising with large-format prints is far more effective than using small-format prints. Billboards and other large forms of signage can be effective forms of advertising. However, if the graphics on your billboard are too small, potential customers may be unable to see them.

The bigger your graphics, the bigger the area you'll cover. If your signage covers a bigger area, you'll draw a lot more eyes.

Guiding Customers

Do you have an enormous retail space? If so, it can be hard for your customers to know where certain items are. If you use large-format printing for your business's signs, guests can easily see them and get to the right place.

Does your store have many different sections? If so, consider using large-format printing for retail spaces to create large signs that point to home decor, children's clothing, etc. Hang these in the middle of the aisles.

Creating eye-catching large-format banners that indicate different sections is another option.

Make Your Space Gorgeous

You can also use large-format printing for interior decor ideas. For example, say that you want a custom wallpaper for your café or restaurant space. Large-format prints can make your art design ideas pop.

Enhancing your storefront with large-format window graphics is also possible. The right brand-appropriate designs can make people fall in love with your store.

Reap the Benefits of Large-Format Prints With Us

Now you know how to make and use large-format prints. Use this information to enhance your business space and marketing practices. You're sure to attract plenty of customers with these tips.

Also, if you want to fully reap the benefits of large-format prints, hire us. Here at Alpha Graphics in Phoenix, the success of your business is our top priority. We can turn anything (walls, floors, windows, etc.) into a billboard for your business.

Contact us now by calling or filling out the form on this page.

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