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The Benefits of Window Graphics for Businesses

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The average person has an attention span of only slightly over 8 seconds.

This startling statistic can spell trouble for businesses looking to advertise with traditional signage. While a billboard or street sign is great for those who read it, most people aren't going to give it a second glance. Reading it will take way too much time.

A window graphic is a great solution for modern businesses looking to capture viewers' attention. Graphics are big, flashy, and too in-your-face for passersby to ignore. Read on for some awesome reasons to use custom window graphics for retail spaces.

Increased Visibility

Traditional signage tends to be fairly small. While large roadside billboards are a great option, they don't sit outside your retail storefront. Street signs and posters are the most common ways to grab the attention of those walking by, and they're likely to walk past them without a second thought.

Window graphics are significantly larger. They can take up your entire window space. People can't walk by them without noticing that they're there, and you'll have a better chance of making an impression.

Because they're made from stick-on plastic, you can print extremely vibrant colors onto custom window graphics for retail spaces. Bright reds, oranges, and yellows are especially noticeable and invigorating. Plus, any color will look brighter when the sun is shining on it through the window.

Attracting Customers

Highly noticeable creative storefront window graphics will naturally attract more customers. They'll perceive your business as sleek, modern, and highly professional. Plus, since they're more likely to stop and read your signage, you'll have a greater chance to make an impression.

One way to make the most of signage is to be interactive. Use the second person and an approachable voice in any text. Consider large images of popular products, branding information, and interactive graphic charts where people can learn how you can specifically help those in their specific demographics.

You can also use window decals as a way to offer promotions and discounts. Let people know about ongoing sales you have and why they should stop in. This is a great way to drive local foot traffic from frugal consumers.

Finally, you can appeal to potential customers with QR codes and other digitally-interactive content. Let people scan a code on their phone that redirects them to an online quiz about your products. Let this quiz tell them what you offer that they need.

You can also have them scan the code to read reviews. They may also get a coupon when they do this. This brings the interactive nature of scannable content together with the benefits of promotional offerings.

Branding Opportunities

Leveraging branding opportunities is critical for small businesses. There are several reasons for this, including:

  • Boosting awareness
  • Gives your business an identity
  • Makes you more relatable with a good brand voice
  • Inspires long-term trust in consumers
  • Making you memorable
  • Supports all advertising campaigns
  • Shows consumers why you stand apart
  • Provides value to potential customers

Window graphics for branding let you unlock all of these benefits and more.

You can put your logo on vinyl window decals in bright, striking colors. This ensures that it will stick in people's minds. Even if they don't immediately drop everything and come into your store, they'll think about you later and be more likely to return.

You also can add your contact information and social media handles to the decal. Since it's big and noticeable, you'll be able to put a lot of information in large lettering.

Just don't go overboard with walls of text that no one wants to read. Intersperse your contact info and promotional information with graphics and images.

A well-designed window graphic also is more sharable to passersby. If you put a catchy slogan or funny joke on your signage, people are more likely to take a photo to share with friends. Everyone wants to make others laugh, and some may even go so far as to post it on public social media.

You'll be more visible than ever before!

Enhanced Aesthetics

Vinyl window graphics can completely transform your business. This is especially true if you pair them with wall or floor graphics. You can create an all-encompassing cohesive space between your storefront exterior and interior design.

However, using window graphics alone can also enhance your overall look. They stick right on the window, so they won't become lopsided or hang unevenly. They also won't fall off since they're made with strong, high-quality adhesive.

People also will see the sleek advertisement when they walk by rather than a basic shop interior. You probably have lots of shelves and displays in your store, but people won't take the time to explore them from outside. They'll see the same kinds of displays they look at all the time and walk away since nothing sets them apart.

Graphics give you the chance to pack a unique punch tailored to local audiences. People will see something that they haven't looked at before, which gets them interested.

Creating a Better Ambiance

Versatile options like frosted decals and perforated window graphics mean that you have multiple ways to create a unique ambiance. They're sleek and sophisticated, which makes you look contemporary and up-to-date. They also look professional, and the textures improve the overall appeal of the graphic.

Some decal options also allow people to see outside the shop from its interior while not letting passersby look in. This creates a sense of privacy for those browsing your goods. People don't like to feel watched and will feel that they're in a safer and more welcoming environment.

Design a Custom Window Graphic

Creating a custom window graphic may sound challenging, but it's well worth the return. Now that you have some window graphics design inspiration and understand the many benefits of using these decals, it's time to begin promoting your business.

Our team is committed to ensuring that you catch the attention of passersby and increase foot traffic. Contact Alpha Graphics to discuss the right branding options to fit your needs and get a quote for your upcoming marketing campaign.

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