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Wedding Invitation Trends for 2024

From wedding invitations to saying yes to the dress, your mind might be all over the place. Luckily, this guide aims to help with at least one topic; wedding invites. For inspiration, check out the most popular wedding invitation trends for 2024.

Neutral Greenery

One of the best wedding invitation trends for 2024 is to use neutral green colors. If you love plants and want your wedding to feel like a beautiful botanical garden with an emphasis on greenery, your wedding invites should match that feel.

Lush greenery like moss, ferns, and eucalyptus plants are popular decorations at wedding venues. They add a lot to white spaces that need some sprucing up. With your wedding invitations, add neutral green to white spaces. You can use these colors in your typography, envelope, or design. With this trend, you have some room to play with traditional and creative invite ideas.

Exaggerated Florals

Exaggerated florals are on the same wavelength as neutral greenery as they utilize plants to make a statement. The difference is that exaggerated florals are going to offer more color. Florals are getting less and less minimalist as the years go by. Using them in unexpected places is a creative way to take on the trend. The floral design has been a trend in wedding announcements for years. It's popular because you can add drama or romance to your invite depending on the types of florals you use.

Many couples choose neutral colors for their big day, but you can make your invitation stand out with vibrant colors. Consider using your favorite flower or the first flower your soon-to-be spouse gave you in your invite. This personalized touch will have a special meaning for your guests to be part of.


Weddings tend to have a feminist touch when it comes to design. There are a lot of romantic details that make a wedding beautiful. Some of those details can be added to traditional wedding invitations.

Bows are a big trend in bridal fashion and now in wedding invites. A large bow can elevate an invitation. Mailing large bows requires care and often extra postage. You'll have to tie them in a flat knot to properly mail the invitation. 

Use fine materials like velvet or silk for a luxurious look. If you want a rustic look, try frayed chiffon instead. This delicate touch adds softness to your invites. To avoid the risk of damage, you can switch to a digital wedding invitation. Although there won't be a physical bow to show off, you can add tiny bows to the design to give off a similar feel.


Creating a custom monogram for you and your spouse-to-be is a special experience. It's a formal and classic detail that can be added throughout your wedding day, from invitations to thank-you notes.

AlphaGraphics offers professional design services that can help in creating customizable monograms. We take your ideas or help you come up with inspiration with geometric and minimal examples. A monogram can act as a logo of such that symbolizes love and marriage every time you look at it.

Contemporary Typography

Modern design is taking over the world, and wedding invitations are no exception. The contemporary typography trend foregoes decorative elements to dramatize typefaces.

When you think of contemporary typography, you might think of black-and-white invitations. This is a classic look, but you can add your personality to it if you don't want something basic. You can ramp up the drama of typography by testing different combinations of typefaces.

Telling the Story

Couples are starting to include multiple pages of details in their invitations. Tell the story that goes behind putting the ceremony location on your invite. Including an RSVP and reception card aren't new trends, but couples are including things like accommodations or directions, maps, or weekend itineraries.

Most importantly, they use additional pages to share their love story. For example, the invitation might include a brief written story of how you met. It could also be something as simple as a picture of the location where you met. Watercolor invites or handwritten calligraphy can help you tell your story in a more personalized way.


Being a maximalist isn't a bad thing when it comes to weddings. More is not less in the wedding world, and invitations are adapting to the trend.

Combine several of your favorite trends, because why not? A grand all-in-one invitation will be show-stopping. Between different bold colors and artwork, you can make a maximalist statement with anything. From choosing the right paper for wedding invitations to deciding on your colors, you have a lot more options with this approach.

Wavy Edges

DIY wedding invitations can be unique and creative. If you want to take that creative approach to invites, consider wavy edges. Scallop cut was one of the most popular trends, but the wavy shape might be taking over. Wavy shapes can look groovy, which is great if you're having a 70s-themed wedding (a growing trend).

Surprisingly, wavy edges can also look classic and minimalist depending on how you design it. The shape began by an Australian paper company, but the trend is making its way to the United States. More couples are requesting this cut from printers or they make their cuts with the stationary they choose.

Wedding Invitation Trends for 2024

Your wedding should be all about you. You don't have to follow these wedding invitation trends for 2024, but they might help you with inspiration. Find out what you love most to tell your love story and prepare for the big day.

When you have an idea for your design, work with us at AlphaGraphics. For years we've provided design services for couples looking for wedding invitations and much more. Our custom print solutions can bring your vision to life. Contact us to talk about your ideal wedding invitation.


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