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AlphaGraphics offers custom print and marketing solutions that get noticed to get you business.

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AlphaGraphics University Drive

815 W. University Drive, Suite #101
Tempe, Arizona 85281


AlphaGraphics on University is a locally owned Offset Print, Digital Print, Marketing & Signs company that has been operating in Tempe since 1988. We have 30+ years of servicing the Tempe, Phoenix, Mesa & Chandler Marketplace and our expertise is both broad and diverse. We operate out of our 20,000 square foot plant located in the heart of the Tempe, near the ASU campus. Located right on University and Hardy street with an easy access ramp and plenty of parking.


Mike Sparaco has been part of the AlphaGraphics Family since 1980 and started his career with Alphagraphics at their first store in Tucson. Mike worked his way up the ranks of the AlphaGraphics system and was able to partner in his first shop in 1983 in Dallas Texas. Mike turned that shop into a top performer and sold his interest and moved to Tempe to take over a low performing operation by the ASU campus. In 1992 Darin Osborne joined the team and later in the ’90s Darin became a full partner in the operation and now strengthens the organization as our CFO. The business has transformed from a small copy shop near Arizona State University (ASU) to one of the largest printing facilities in the AlphaGraphics network and is consistently ranked in the top 30 Quick Printing facilities in the United States.



What matters most to us is gratifying our clients with an exceptional finished product. We are one of the fastest and most professional printing companies in the Phoenix valley of Arizona. When we say every customer matters, we mean it! With over 41 employees dedicated to every print project, we transform even the most complex project into a beautiful final piece that we would be proud to exhibit.


Businesses and Non-Profits love AlphaGraphics on University for our tenacity and dedication to Printing and Marketing. We are confident in making sure that your potential customers and clients see your message! With revenue generated through good business practices, we reinvest in our organization to remain current and, often, ahead of the industry with leading-edge equipment and software to guarantee that every product we print, is something on which we would proudly put our name!


"Your success is our only measure of success"



Do The Right Thing

AlphaGraphics on University strives every day to do the right thing.  From the CEO to the newest rookie employee, we seek to Do The Right Thing by being honest, ethical, kind, and fair to ourselves, each other, and our clientele.


Strive For Perfection


As a leader in Commercial Printing and Marketing, we have to remain detail-oriented; No matter how complex a job may become, we will maintain focus.  We direct our attention on achieving perfection in each project we take on, and each staff member works towards achieving the absolute best results.


Be Resourceful


With over 41 skilled employees and staff in our AlphaGraphics Family, our team has a depth of knowledge and talent that can get us through most any situation.  We rely heavily on our leaders and co-workers to solve challenges and find new and better ways to provide direction for solving our customers’ needs.


Share and Care


Being in an environment like AlphaGraphics on University, we work to build up the skills, talent, and knowledge of each member of our staff.  The depth of these assets grows as we share our experience and strengths with other team members. And a team only functions well when the members of the team care about each other.  We seek to build and strengthen ties within our organization so that every member feels valued as an important part of our AlphaGraphics Family.




One•n•Ten educates and assists LGBTQ youth and young adults in ages ranging from 11 to 24. This restorative organization enhances the lives of these youth by providing empowering social and service programs.  These programs promote self‐expression, self‐acceptance and self-esteem, as well as leadership development, and healthy life decisions. ONT has aided thousands of LGBTQ homeless youth and has helped these youth to be secure in their lives and bodies while building necessary and critical self-esteem.  Thank you, ONT! AlphaGraphics has been a proud sponsor of ONT and has provided printing services for the annual 'Fresh Brunch', as well as other fundraising functions and activities.


Southwest Center


Southwest Center is an organization that was Founded by Kirk Baxter in 1990 as The Phoenix Body Positive.  The Southwest Center for HIV/AIDS was created to expand services and assist a wider group of people infected with and affected by HIV/AIDS, including families and partners. AlphaGraphics on University is LGBTQ Friendly. We are proud that the owner of our center, Mike Sparaco, has not only donated greatly to SWC but has also sacrificed his personal time serving for 6 years on the SWC Board and also a year as the Chairman of the Board of Directors.






















Mike Sparaco • Franchise Owner (CEO) • Direct480-246-8622 • Email: msparaco@alphagraphics.com


Darin Osborne • Franchise Owner (CFO) • Direct480-246-8624 • Email: dosborne@alphagraphics.com


Charles Gofnett • COO • Direct480-398-2710 • Email: cgoffnett@alphagraphics.com


Michael Sinkula • Director of Sales & Marketing • Direct480-246-8604 • Email: msinkula@alphagraphics.com


Phil Hinson • Account Manager • Direct480-200-2833 • Email: phinson@alphagraphics.com


Pati Beaver • Account Manager • Direct: 480-246-8612 • Email: patib@alphagraphics.com


Heydi Torres-Ramirez • Customer Service Representative • Direct: 480.968.7821 • Email: Heydi@alphagraphics.com


Marcus McKinnor • Customer Service Representative • Direct: 480.968.7821 • Email: mmckinnor@alphagraphics.com


Anthony Vincent • Customer Service Representative • Direct: 480.968.7821 • Email: avincent@alphagraphics.com