Wall & Window Graphics

Wall and window graphics capture the attention of window shoppers by letting the brand liven up the building.

Make your storefront a conversation piece

Wall and window graphics bring in customers and reinforce brand identity to keep them coming back.

Every touchpoint is an opportunity to create a lasting impression for your brand, and that includes your retail and office space. Wall and window graphics can be used temporarily to promote a short-term sale or event or permanently to brand your windows and walls.

Think of the walls in your office building or retail building as advertising space. Cohesive window and wall graphics work together to present an eye-catching but professional image. It’s these details that not only bring in customers, but increase loyalty as the shopping experience is now more memorable.

Wall & window graphic options

Some common window graphic options include:

  • Window clings: Window clings adhere to glass using static electricity and can be easily applied, rearranged and removed, making them perfect for temporary promotions or seasonal decorations.
  • Window perf graphics: Window perf graphics stick to the window and have tiny holes or perforations that allow one-way visibility so people on the inside can see out, but people on the outside see the printed graphic. This makes them popular for storefronts, vehicles, or windows where privacy is important.
  • Frosted window graphics: Subtle and sleek, frosted window graphics adhere to a glass surface and are semi-transparent. They’re commonly used to decorate office or retail windows or doors, offering privacy. These can be permanent or temporary.
  • Window lettering: Window lettering can be applied to any glass surface. They can display logos, business names, contact information, hours of operation, and other essential details to passersby.
  • Window shades: Digitally-printed, branded window shades offer an alternative to typical white blinds or drapes, providing branding opportunity and practical function.
  • Imaged glass: Imaged glass can include etched patterns, printed images, or laminations directly onto the glass surface.
  • Murals and wallpaper: Floor-to-ceiling custom murals and wallpaper can create a strong visual and boost morale.
  • Indoor banners: Indoor banners can be used for events like conferences, sporting events, graduations, or exhibitions to draw attention to your brand, product, or sale or create a cohesive themed or branded environment.
  • Framed & fine art prints: High quality paper stocks and precise printing techniques allow you to print framed and fine art pieces. These can range from family portraits and large-scale photographics to artwork for room decor.
  • Interior dimensional graphics: These graphics allow you to print text, graphics, or logos that stand out from walls to have a three-dimensional appearance. These are ideal for waiting areas, hallways, menus, or wayfinding signage.

Common uses for window and wall graphics

While aesthetic appeal is an obvious benefit of wall and window graphics, they’re versatile in their uses. Here are some ways our customers use wall and window graphics:

  • Promote seasonal sales and new product launches. Window clings or vinyl decals are cost-effective alternatives to billboards or other out-of-home advertising.
  • Increase privacy. Window graphics can either be seen through or provide one-way vision for privacy.
  • Decorate the office. Not only do window and wall graphics attract customers, they can improve the work environment for employees, with options like custom wallpaper and murals.
  • Share important info. Window and wall graphics can list operating hours, contact entails, or even product/service details.
  • Highlight partnerships. These graphics can showcase your contribution or partnerships with other organizations.
  • Transform floors, vehicles, and even cement. Our decals can be used on a variety of surfaces - not just windows and walls.
  • Wall and window graphics have the ability to increase your business’s curb appeal, improve its aesthetics, and communicate important information. Contact us today to learn more or to request a free quote for your next wall and window project.

Wall and window graphics have the ability to increase your business’s curb appeal, improve its aesthetics, and communicate important information. Contact us today to learn more or to request a free quote for your next wall and window project.

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  • What are Window, Wall & Floor Signage solutions?
    Window, Wall & Floor Signage solutions are visual enhancements that bring your brand and image to life, both inside and outside your office or facility.
  • Why are Window, Wall & Floor Signage solutions important?
    First impressions matter, and these solutions continue your branding and image indoors, complementing outdoor signage.
  • How can Window Signage solutions benefit my business?
    Window Signage enhances visibility, attracts customers, and reinforces branding.
  • What types of businesses can benefit from Wall Signage solutions?
    All businesses, from trade shows to corporate offices, can benefit from Wall Signage to create a professional and engaging environment.
  • Do you offer custom Window Graphics?
    Yes, we offer custom Window Graphics to match your brand and style.
  • Can I get Wall Murals for my office space?
    Absolutely, Wall Murals can transform your office space with stunning visuals.
  • What are the advantages of Floor Decals?
    Floor Decals add a unique touch to your space, are eye-catching, and can be used for branding or wayfinding.
  • How can I make my office ceiling more visually appealing?
    Consider Ceiling Tiles with bold, fresh visuals printed directly on them for an immediate impact.
  • Can you create Framed & Fine Art Prints?
    Yes, we can help you create gallery-quality prints on a budget with Framed & Fine Art Prints.
  • What is Frosted & Imaged Glass and how does it work?
    Frosted & Imaged Glass adds elegance to windows by customizing them with frosted or imaged designs.
  • Do you offer Indoor Banners for events?
    Yes, we provide Indoor Banners for high-impact visuals at conferences, sporting events, reunions, and more.
  • Can I personalize Window Shades with my brand?
    Yes, Window Shades can be personalized with high-quality, full-color images that enhance your business's windows.
  • What materials are used for Floor Graphics?
    Floor Graphics are made from durable materials designed to withstand foot traffic and enhance your space's aesthetics.
  • How can I get started with Window, Wall & Floor Signage solutions?
    To get started, browse our Window, Wall & Floor specialties on our website and contact us for personalized assistance with your project.

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