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You see them everywhere, on boards in the supermarket, stapled to telephone poles, in shop windows, under your windshield wipers, in stacks at stores and offices. They wind up in your newspaper, in shopping bags, in your mail, on your doorknobs. Sometimes people hand them out on sidewalks or mall concourses. Sometimes they mysteriously appear, almost from thin air, with no sign of how they got there. 275639-Mobile-App-Flyer-1
Custom flyers (or handbills) have been used to spread information since the Revolutionary War. They're still an inexpensive, easy way to get your message into the hands of potential customers. Even in today's age of social media, a simple flyer is still relevant. They can be tangible reminders of talks, sales, parties and businesses. Use them in conjunction with your social media efforts to increase your reach. Flyers can be simple black-on-white affairs, or full-color productions. They can be quarter-page (or smaller) notices to slip under windshield wipers, half-page ads with information, or full-page in-your-face graphics. You can make them single-sided or double-sided. If you don't want full color, you can choose a brightly-colored stock, regular weight or heavyweight, and use crisp black and white or halftoned greys for contrast. You can even go all-out and make full-color glossy die-cut doorhangers.
What can you put on your flyer? It depends on your imagination! Common elements are coupons or sale information, sign-up forms or surveys, a map or directions to your business, menus, service lists, and event information. If you're on social media, you want to be sure to include your Facebook site, Twitter handle, business website, and contact e-mail. With AlphaGraphics's services, you can have pre-perforated tear-off sections for your coupons or forms, have your flyers folded for insertion in folders or packets, or have them cut to size. We even offer design services, to make your flyer as memorable as possible.
Flyers are great at getting your message into the hands of potential customers. Let AlphaGraphics help you pave the way to getting that message out. Call, stop by, or visit us online to see what we can do to help you "fly" today!

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