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So What Is Large Format Printing?

Custom signage can help you get your message across. Learn about the top large format printing options.

Sometimes, you just gotta think B-I-G. Sometimes, a simple flyer isn't enough. Sometimes, you want to make a statement from across a crowded room. Sometimes, what you need is a poster, a banner, a stand-up, a trade show booth, or a vehicle wrap. All these things are big and can fall into the realm of Large Format Color Printing, but many other items are part of this category and can help generate attention. New equipment now allows us to print on virtually any surface, at any size. There are some restrictions to what material can be printed on (certain substrates have coatings that prevent printing), which means each project needs to be assessed individually. What's really exciting about this new large format printing equipment is what we can make and do with the printed materials. We have made unique trade LargeFormatGirlshow displays with vinyl wraps to add colors and look like they are custom painted; great 3D menus for restaurants; and even really BIG and cool dimensional Point of Purchase Displays for retail stores, showing the store's current promotions. Don't forget to add a QR code to your large color prints, for another dimension to your display: link to a survey, a coupon, additional information, anything to get your audience interacting with you. Or maybe you want something different. Something truly unique. Something to stand out from the crowd. How about a custom-cut stand-up? ((insert picture of Russ cutout?)) We can print your design and use a digital router to create an eye-catching display. It can be your guest-of-honor, a couple for a wedding, a funny cutout for a gag, or a celebrity to make the party more fun. It could even be a scene with the head cut out, for creative party picture souvenirs. (If you’re having a party, don’t forget the banners and posters to complete the décor!) Large format color printing can be almost anything, so don’t be afraid to ask if it can be made! ATTENTION is what this is all about; if you make it BIG, then you're bound to attract attention. However BIG you want to go, Alphagraphics can meet your needs.

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