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Power of Personalization: Print and Marketing

Reaching current and potential customers can be difficult, but with unique and personalized print, your odds go way up.

Nothing speaks more highly of a business than hitting the big 50-year mark, Congratulations to AlphaGraphics Corporate for pushing printing boundaries and presenting astounding commitment! The sudden spark in technology has revolutionized the way businesses today print and market including personalization. Our abilities to better assist and connect with potential clients are profoundly faster than 20 years ago. Since then, we have utilized modern printing technology to create a better printing personalization environment that is both modern and fun. Today, companies are now seeing the trends of “personalization” and how it can increasingly show good results for both owners to customers. Reports say getting personal in the slightest way has already drawn your client’s attention, here are a couple reasons why.

10 Reasons to Start Personalization

  1. "73% of customers say they want order tracking across all touch points." (Unified Commerce)
  2. "64% of consumers are fine with retailers saving purchase history and personal preferences if more personalization is offered." (Unified Commerce)
  3. "49% of customers bought items they did not intend to buy due to a personalized recommendation from the brand they were doing business with. Only 5% of those impulse purchases were returned, and 85% of impulse buyers were happy with what they bought." (Forbes)
  4. "40% of U.S. consumers say they have purchased something more expensive than they planned to because of personalized service." (Forbes)
  5. "44% of consumers say they will likely repeat after a personalized shopping experience." (Forbes)
  6. "Sales grow by an average of 19% when businesses add personalization to their marketing arsenal." (Marketing Profs)
  7. "In 2018, the customer demand for personalization has reached an all-time high." (CMO by Adobe)
  8. "67% of surveyed customers said it’s important for brands to automatically adjust content based on their current context." (CMO by Adobe)
  9. "42% of customers said they get annoyed when their content isn’t personalized. 66% said encountering non-personalized content would stop them from making a purchase." (CMO by Adobe)
  10. "Marketers that exceeded their revenue goals in 2017 were using personalization techniques 83% of the time." (Monetate via Forbes)
Learn more how to get personalized with an AlphaGraphics representative, contact AlphaGraphics today! "Proudly serving Arizona and the Southwestern region since 1988."  

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