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The Pros and Cons of Using Sidewalk Signs for Advertising

Walk down any street, and you're bound to see countless different kinds of street advertising. You have the gigantic billboard, banners hanging from poles, and even advertising on your public modes of transportation.

Sidewalk signs are one of the many creative advertising ideas that capitalize on sidewalk traffic. Instead of focusing on drivers, they cater more to the consumer walking by on their own two feet. However, there are also some drawbacks to focusing on things like pavement signs or banner advertising.

Here are the pros and cons of sidewalk signs for small business marketing.

Pros of Sidewalk Signs for Outdoor Marketing

A sidewalk sign is a great way to get potential clients through your front door. These can be anything from A-frame signage to banner advertising you hang from a post. What matters is that it advertises your product or brand to people passing by.

Attract Street Attention

The first reason to use sidewalk signs for advertising is that they're great for attracting street attention. While billboards are great for drawing a driver's eye, they aren't really meant for smaller stores or businesses. Instead, you'll want to make use of street signs that help draw in people walking by your building.

They're a good option for event promotion or guerilla marketing, such as when you have a limited deal you want to publicize.

If you want your signs to work more effectively, then try to utilize color theory in their design. Red and orange help to catch the eye and stand out from their surroundings. However, you may also want to utilize subtler colors like blue to contrast with other signage.

Variable Designs

Another benefit of local advertising with sidewalk signs is that they're highly customizable and come in a variety of options. As previously mentioned, you can buy banners to hang outside of your store. Flags and stands also stand out, as well as posters you can place on both interior and exterior walls.

These signs can advertise your latest deals or showcase your restaurant's menu. Some signs allow you to further customize them once they're created, while others can be reused during the holidays.

Convenient and Portable

Most pavement signs come small and portable, allowing you to place them wherever you want and remove them when they've served their purpose. While banners and posters may come much larger, you can also roll those up for easy storage.

The best part is that, unlike billboards, you don't have to toss the design when you're done. Put all holiday-specific signs in storage and bring them out the next year. They're also useful for other routine sales.

Low Cost

A sidewalk sign is a low-cost way to reach your target audience. Designing your sign can be done in-house, and printing them out is affordable for every business. Anything you make can be reused until the sign or the print wears down.

On top of this, businesses can update their signs as needed and reposition them throughout the week.

Made of Durable Materials

Even though outdoor signage is low cost, that doesn't mean it won't last you a long time. These signs are often made out of durable materials such as rust-proof technopolymers and steel. They can withstand the wind and rain, and the design can hold up against fading for years.

It also helps that many sidewalk signs are covered by a canopy or roof, so there's less chance of them getting damaged.

Cons of Curbside Marketing

Curbside marketing using sidewalk signs has seen a huge boost in recent years due to things like the pandemic and the introduction of curbside delivery. However, there are a few reasons why you may want to utilize a different kind of advertisement.

Not Made for Stormy Weather

The first problem you'll run into with sidewalk signage is that they're not made for stormy weather. Although they can handle a little wind and rain, too much wind can topple or bend them.

Furthermore, not every type of sign holds up well against rain and high humidity. Ones made out of wood can rot and fall apart. Cloth or fabric banners may hold onto moisture and develop mold if you don't wash them regularly.

Difficult to Read From Afar

Even though signs are a great way to lure in passing customers, they only work from so close. If someone is across the street, they may not be able to make out what it says. This is especially true for outdoor restaurant menus that require a customer to stand right in front of them to read the finer details.

You can remedy this with larger font, but that means you'll fit less information on a single sign.

Drivers Will Miss Them

Since small sidewalk signs are hard to read from a distance, drivers will also fail to see them. They're designed to work for a specific type of audience. As such, they won't be that effective at drawing in customers for places like auto shops or fast food restaurants.

However, your signs could help to inform anyone already interested in your business.

Not Effective in Rural Areas

Unfortunately, a shop in a rural area won't benefit much from sidewalk signage. They require foot traffic to work, which you won't have much of outside of big cities. If people drive everywhere, they won't have a chance to read your signs.

Bring Your Creative Advertising Ideas to Life

Your creative advertising ideas should incorporate many different types of signs and banners. Sidewalk signs are great for catching the eyes of pedestrians, but they won't help much with drivers. Instead, you should also use things like vehicle graphics, window graphics, and more.

AlphaGraphics can help you with all your sign, print services, and marketing needs. We're the place to go for building signage, exhibits and displays, and more. Contact us with any questions and to get a quote.

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