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A Guide to Customizing Labels and Stickers for Branding

Did you know that using a brand color can increase recognition by 80 percent? Factors such as color, font, and logo placement all impact your brand image. One way you can increase customer awareness and make better impressions is by using personalized labels and stickers.

There are many custom label sizes and shapes and a lot to think about when designing the perfect one. For many business owners, it's an overwhelming process. Thankfully, we're here to help by teaching you about your options, including design choices and the various types of label materials.

Here's what you need to know about labels and custom sticker designs for your business.

Designing Eye-Catching Stickers and Labels

You want a label that attracts attention and encourages consumers to buy your product. There's a lot of psychology involved in label design, as everything from the colors you use to the font you select affects the perception of your brand.

Red and yellow are vibrant colors that attract the eye, like the iconic McDonald's logo. Red even increases appetite, which makes this color combo a brilliant marketing decision. Seeing the Golden Arches instantly creates a feeling of hunger and a craving for fast food.

So, how can you use label and sticker marketing strategies in a similar way?

Consider Color and Placement

First, consider researching color psychology. We associate certain colors with specific sensations or emotions. For instance, the color green can evoke feelings of wealth or nature, which is why so many financial and eco-friendly companies go this route.

You want to choose colors that complement one another when you create your personalized labels and stickers. Research color psychology to select hues that pop or look good next to one another.

After you've selected some different shades, create your brand color palette and use it throughout your marketing.

Think about the placement and usage of the stickers. Come up with some creative uses for stickers, such as giving them away at events, placing them on vehicles, displaying them in your shop windows, or using them on your packaging.

Here are some ideas of where to place stickers or how to use them to give you inspiration:

  • Use them in mailers
  • Stick them on event packets
  • Use them for product promotion
  • Place them on gifts
  • Make bumper stickers
  • Make waterproof stickers for bottles
  • Create window decals
  • Use them on packaging
  • Stick them on thank you cards
  • Use them to Self To Go Bags
  • Use them to promote products and services
  • Use them as inventory Labels
  • Use them as Unique Asset Tags

The shapes and sizes you'll want may vary depending on how you'll use the sticker. For instance, if you're doing label printing for product packaging, you'll want to make sure the sticker is proportionately sized to fit on the box, bag, etc.

Choose the Right Material

There are many types of stickers you can create using various materials. If you want to create a window decal, you want the sticker to adhere to glass. You also want a material that can withstand fading and heat without curling or falling off.

Since you're displaying the sticker in a prominent place (or handing it out for others to use), you want to think about the details and the importance of quality labels. You don't want your audience to view your company poorly due to a blurry, pixelated, or badly printed logo.

Thankfully, label and sticker printing technology has advanced quite a bit. Invest in custom printing services to ensure a quality product that you'll be proud to display. When you work with a professional printing company, you'll receive products that reflect the professionalism of your brand.

Remember to ask yourself what's important to you and outline your goals. Are you looking for sustainable label and sticker options, using these products to promote your services, or trying to get your audience to take a specific action? Knowing your plans for your materials in advance will help you make the most of your stickers and labels.

Create Different Types of Stickers

It's a good idea to create a few types of stickers to increase your brand visibility and awareness as much as possible.

Die-cut stickers are those with unique shapes, and they can be any type of sticker. The name refers to how the product is made. This type is cut with a laser, finished individually, and features a split backing.

Clear stickers are printed on a transparent material so you can see the surface underneath. These stickers, as well as waterproof and weather-resistant labels, are usually applied to windows.

These types of stickers are quite memorable and versatile. Your audience can stick them almost anywhere, making them excellent for promotional sticker campaigns.

Print a few different shapes, sizes, and types so you'll have a variety for your marketing purposes.

There are other ways to use stickers as well. Companies might print barcode labels and use scanning technology to track products. Consider using labels for organization and inventory management. There are many ways to take your business to the next level.

Maybe you need a label and sticker for regulations and compliance purposes. In that case, you'll need a visible design that will adhere well to your product.

Custom Label Pricing and Budget Considerations

It's easy to get carried away and overspend on materials, especially if you're preparing for a trade show or event. However, you want to have great stickers for event promotion and branding.

First, determine your budget. Figure out how much you want to spend on marketing materials and then calculate the ROI, even if it's not a monetary amount. Increasing exposure to your brand is just as valuable, after all.

Next, you'll want to work with a print company that can create high-quality designs and materials for the event. You can get all of your business essentials in one place, from business cards and banners to brochures and labels.

When you work with a graphics company, they can help you decide what type of sticker is best for your needs. You can ask about the different label printing techniques or ask them about pricing for your project.

Find out how much you need and then browse the different products to discover new label and sticker application tips and inspiration.

Create Custom Label Sizes and Shapes

You have many options when it comes to designing stickers for marketing purposes. Use custom label sizes and shapes, mix in various materials, use your stickers in new ways, and inspire your audience with eye-catching designs.

Here at AlphaGraphics, we can help you turn any surface into a promotional ad for your business. Shop our custom labels, stickers, and decals to find the perfect products for your next big event.

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