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Branding Your Workspace With Wall Decals

Now more than ever, your company's brand is crucial if you want to stand out. The right branding helps you communicate your purpose at a glance, shape public perception, and even create the right mood. Research suggests that first impressions are crucial for branding, as customers take less than a tenth of a second to form opinions about a brand!

Within your office, having the right branded wall graphics can be even more crucial. The ideal design will resonate with visitors, but the wrong one might make your company look unprofessional or inexperienced.

If you're hoping to make the most of your company's office space, here's a quick guide to making the most of wall graphics.

How to Use Branded Wall Graphics

Wall decals can use any graphic or artwork you choose. This freedom is ideal for businesses, but it can also make it tough to decide what to include. Here are a few concepts we love:

Highlight Your Brand

The most obvious way to use wall decals in your office is to show off your company's logo or branding. These corporate graphics help you create a consistent sense of identity in your workspace. Include the unique images, colors, and phrases that people should associate with your brand.

Add Office Signage

For a more practical twist, use vinyl to offer directions throughout your building. In addition to wayfinding signs, graphics can help visitors and staff navigate toward elevators, restrooms, conference rooms, and important offices. All of these directional graphics can use the colors, fonts, and logos of your brand.

State Your Purpose

Consider featuring your mission statement, core values, or company vision. These details help viewers connect with the emotions behind your brand. They also reinforce your business standards in spaces where you need to make a bold statement.

Show Your Company History

Want to showcase how far you've come? Splash your company's history onto your walls!

Adding vinyl wraps with your brand's timeline allows you to share critical moments in your history. In addition to generating visual interest, it also helps you tell your brand's story and boast about your growth.

Add Merchandising Graphics

When you want to present your products or services, vibrant graphics can help. In addition to retail displays, the right graphics can showcase people using or benefiting from your products.

Create Refreshing Murals

Even if you don't add a single word to your wall vinyl, the right design can have an impact. Rather than decorating your space with generic posters or artwork, consider creating murals that add interest to the space while staying in line with your brand's style.

Target Audiences for Wall Graphics

As you consider your design options, keep in mind that you should have more than one target audience for your wall decals:

Visitors and Customers

For most businesses, the client is the primary audience of any wall decal.

Wall decals act as marketing materials for the visitors who come through your doors. They can also help you amplify your brand's voice, tell your story, showcase your products, and more.

This may require different perspectives for different clients. Patients in a healthcare setting, for example, may look for more soothing colors and subtler interior branding than customers at a small clothes boutique.


Your staff members should also be the target audience of your wall decals.

The right graphics and designs can help motivate your team and even encourage productivity. A powerful vision statement, for example, can allow employees to connect with your company's purpose. Logos and brand graphics create an immersive, welcoming atmosphere that enhances their experience in your office.

Where to Use Branded Wall Graphics

Though you can use wall decals anywhere in your office, there are a few popular areas where we most recommend them:

Entryway Graphics

Make a bold statement the second someone steps through your doors. Entryway graphics can create a welcoming atmosphere for clients, employees, job applicants, and visitors alike. They're also a great way to let people know they're in the right place!

Including your logo or brand name is also ideal for instant brand recognition.

Meeting Room Walls

Conference room walls are a great place for branded vinyl wraps. Here, the right graphics can create memorable visitor experiences and help clients associate your brand with a specific emotion, style, or space.

Employee Spaces

If you're hoping to motivate employees, bring your graphics to them! Try adding energizing designs to their office walls, for example, or using lively graphics to welcome them to their break room.

Merchandising Spaces

As stated above, using graphics around your merchandise should be a no-brainer. Consider adding information about your products or adding photos to show them off.

Dos and Don'ts of Wall Graphics

When you're ready to get started, make sure to follow a few last tips:

Do ensure the colors you use look right under your office lighting. The same is true with your existing wall color, as the contrast between your walls and the image may affect the look of the final design. Remember that the shade you choose will always look different on your wall versus your computer screen.

Don't try a do-it-yourself job for creating or printing graphics. Instead, partner with an experienced custom printing company that can tackle the job on your behalf.

Do consider a range of materials and options. Vinyl is ideal in most situations, but other displays, panel signs, directories, and banners may also work.

Don't forget about color theory. Your graphics don't exist in a void, so consider the kind of mood you want to create and choose your colors accordingly.

Brand Your Workspace Today

Wall graphics are an easy way to upgrade your workspace while creating brand recognition with visitors and employees alike. No matter what type of business you run, considering the tips above can help you create the perfect graphics for your brand.

If you want more personalized help with your office branding, the team at AlphaGraphics is here to help! Our custom printing options include everything from wall graphics to window decals to floor decals and more. To get your hands on the graphic solutions you need, contact us today.

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