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7 Benefits of Offset Printing for Large-Quantity Print Jobs

Having the right print marketing strategies in place is vital for your custom print solutions. Offset printing is one of the most in-demand print technology trends aside from digital printing. The Offset Printing market in the U.S. reached an estimated worth of $649.9 million in 2022.

Offset printing is especially well-suited for large-quantity print jobs. It offers exceptional print quality and resolution for a wide variety of printing materials. These include marketing collateral, printed signage and displays, and custom packaging printing.

Want to learn more about the advantages of offset printing for your professional printing services? Then keep reading below for 7 great benefits.

1. Provides High Print Quality and Resolution

When it comes to professional printing services, quality matters. Offset printing offers higher dots per square inch (DPIs) and lines per square inch (LPIs) when compared to digital printing. This means that you will have a product that achieves the highest possible print quality and resolution.

With offset printing, you will also be able to obtain a more proper registration. Registration refers to the proper placement and precision alignment of your color printing.

In offset printing, the color printing produced can result in a much higher quality appearance as well. Offset printing also results in less dot gain, a process where the ink spreads out on the paper and causes a loss of detail.

2. Enables Environmental Printing Practices

These days, consumers are more eco-conscious than ever. They want to know that the companies and brands they use also have a drive to obtain a more eco-friendly mindset. By using the right printing materials, offset printing can make your custom print solutions more environmentally friendly.

For instance, by using water-based and vegetable-based inks, like linseed or corn oil, you can reduce the amount of harmful petroleum-based ink usage. Traditional petroleum-based inks can emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the environment during the printing process.

Using recycled paper is another way to cut down on the drain of natural resources and deforestation. Offset printers are also known for their efficiency and low-waste production. Some modern printer models may also be certified as energy-efficient.

3. Delivers Cost-Effective Custom Print Solutions

Using offset printing is more cost-effective, especially for large-quantity print jobs. Set-up costs for elements of the printing process like the press setup and the plate creation are more fixed. They're also spread out across the total print job.

The cost per unit actually decreases as the total print run increases. This makes it much easier to manage print costs and budgeting. For larger print jobs, you're actually saving money by printing more at a time.

Offset printing also has a proven track record for reliability. This makes it a smart choice for companies with a tight budget who want to guarantee quality results the first time and every time.

4. Facilitates Optimum Printing Versatility

Offset printing can accommodate a wide variety of different printing materials. These include paper, metal, cardstock, and plastic. It can also handle different material thicknesses and sizes with ease.

Print finishing allows you to further enhance your custom print projects. You can select from an array of print finishing techniques such as:

  • die-cutting
  • embossing
  • laminating
  • foiling
  • matte or gloss finishes

Utilizing offset printing lets you diversify your print needs across various industries as well. Everything from custom product packaging to informational flyers and newsletters can benefit from its versatility. When paired with its high print quality and resolution, offset printing's superior versatility is top-notch.

5. Gives Exceptional Printing Consistency Results

What you put out into the world is a direct reflection of who you are as a brand. Ensuring that your printing materials are consistent can help you achieve a positive impression of your brand. A consistent branding effort can help you improve your revenue by as much as 33%.

Offset printing can give you consistent and high-quality results every time. Each print project, whether it is custom packaging printing or other type of marketing collateral, will achieve a uniform and identical look.

Not only does this add to your product's overall aesthetic, but it also reflects favorably on your brand. Printing consistency can elevate your brand's professional appeal. As a result, your brand will be viewed as one that is high-quality and reputable.

6. Allows for Unparalleled Pantone Matching

Color is a huge part of any brand's corporate print marketing needs. It can account for as much as 80% of brand recognition Branding Statistics. You want to ensure that your color printing matches your specific branding identity in all of your printing materials.

The Pantone Matching System (PMS) helps you maintain your brand's unique color scheme. Offset printing can reproduce these colors with the ultimate color precision. You can also utilize custom color creation not available with traditional CMYK color printing methods to make your own color combinations.

Offset printing is beneficial for corporate printing services. It enables graphic design for print marketing to maintain its color and quality consistency. So you can create eye-catching and dynamic high-quality designs.

7. Offers Larger Size Printing Capabilities

Because of its clear and detailed printing capabilities, offset printing is suitable for oversized print jobs. This includes items such as banners, maps, and other printed signage and displays. The attention to detail and uniform coverage offered by offset printing can give your large-scale print projects a professional appearance.

This also makes it ideal for print accessibility and inclusivity. It is legible even from a distance for those with visual impairments. Offset printing utilizes larger paper sizes to create large-format printing that can be used for educational posters, large print booklet, and brochures.

Adding print finishing techniques like lamination, embossing, and UV coating can further enhance the look and durability of your large-format printing.

Trust Your Offset Printing Needs to AlphaGraphics Today

Offset printing offers your business an affordable and easy way to get quality print results. With a wide variety of printing materials and a high print quality and resolution, your marketing materials are sure to wow. For the best professional printing services, come to AlphaGraphics.

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